LED Talks 2016

 Provider Brings Memorable Stories To Quality Summit




Curated by Provider magazine, the LED (Lead, Engage, Discover) Talks are aimed at presenting ideas that are provocative and inspirational. “Many of the talks today will come to you in the form of stories,” said Moderator Greg Crist, Provider’s publisher and AHCA’s senior vice president of public affairs, in his intro.


And what better way to relay these ideas than through stories, he said. “We are hardwired to tell and remember stories. They get at the core of what it means to be human. They connect us.”


Stories are a fundamental element of learning because they force us to engage our imaginations and remember personal encounters, Crist said. “We bring to the tale our own images, sounds, and feelings. By taking in the experience, we retain the information better than if given a list of facts, statistics, and concepts.”


Most stories have a least one “Aha” moment—that moment when the message gets through and people say, “Yes! That’s a powerful idea,” Crist said.


The loss of a parent. One’s health. One’s freedom. Today’s speakers have faced personal challenges that have profoundly changed them. They hope that by sharing their experiences with you, that you, too, will seek change, with an idea, a model, or in your status quo.


“Stories challenge us,” Crist said. “Stories instruct. We hope that you are inspired by the stories you are about to hear.”


Below are the six, 18-minute talks that were given Feb. 10, 2016, at the AHCA/NCAL Annual Quality Summit in San Antonio, Texas.


  • Why I Do What I Do

    Jessica Patterson, CNA, Aspire Home Care, lost her Mom to Huntington’s disease last July. She talks about how her love for her mother inspires her love for the elders she cares for today.


    Jessica Patterson, CNA

'We may incorporate LED Talks within our company. Interesting way to learn from others in our profession and allows a variety of subject matter.'

–LED Attendee

'I will work with our patient/resident care plans differently.'

–LED Attendee

  • Postcards From The Future: Next Generation Senior Care From Around The World

      Stephen Johnston, Co-Founder of Aging2.0, describes best practices from around the world and offers some takeaways for American caregivers.


    Stephen Johnston
  • Who Cares If You Provide Dementia Training?

    Dayne Duvall, COO of the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care, was inspired to advocate for higher skills for caregivers when he was called on to care for his own father, who developed Alzheimer’s.


    Dayne DuVall
  • Whose Care Plan Is It, Anyway?

    Philip DuBois, Program Manager of Long Term Care Administration, Saint Joseph’s College, tells what he learned during a stay in his own facility and about the importance of giving residents ownership of their care plans.


    Phillip DuBois

‘For me, the thing I will do differently will be trying to re-energize my dementia education.’

–LED Attendee

  • Picking Up The Pieces

    ​​Cindi Halkola, Activity Director for The Chelsea at Brookfield, had to hit rock bottom job-, health-, and home-wise before she discovered her calling: bringing residents with dementia into the mainstream of life at her assisted living community.

    Cindi Halkola

'I will increase my concern for families of loved ones in Hospice.’

–LED Attendee

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