LED Talks 2017

Provider Brings Memorable Stories To Quality Summit

  • Lester's Legacy: Finding The Artist Within

    ​Dr. Daniel Potts talks about a special individual who discovered his creative awakening and became an acclaimed watercolor artist while in the throes of dementia: his father, Lester Potts.

    Daniel Potts, MD, founder of Cognitive Dynamics

'It inspires me to try to find a volunteer to spend time painting with our dementia population.'

–LED Attendee

  • Cara Silletto

    Millennials and their Impact on Employee Turnover 

    Cara Silletto, a millennial herself, shares a new perspective on the millennial mindset, how to keep them happy, and management strategies for reducing avoidable employee turnover.


    Cara Silletto, president and chief retention officer, Crescendo Strategies

'Great ideas on leadership and considerations for working with all staff, not just millennials.'

–LED Attendee

  • Never Burn a Bridge 

     Relationships really matter. The person we are upset with today may resurface tomorrow as a key decision maker who can improve or ruin our outcomes. Citing personal experience, Bob Siebel discusses helpful tools for interfacing with residents, families, government, and others who can impact your life.

    Bob Siebel, president of Carriage Healthcare Companies
  • Saying No to More: Medical Care at End of Life

    Many of Dr. David Gifford’s elderly patients have expressed a desire to maximize their quality of life, even if it increases the risk of harm or shortens their lives. While families and caregivers may object, he makes the case for when the best answer may be “no” to more medical care.

    David Gifford, MD, senior vice president, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, AHCA/NCAL

‘We need to take a greater person-driven initiative at end of life to ensure that all voices are heard and wishes carried out.’

–LED Attendee

  • From Patient to Practitioner: A Personal Journey

    ​Jessica Sobul shares her incredible journey through pregnancy, cancer, and a MRSA infection which left her in a medically induced coma, bed bound, and a stage 3 pressure ulcer. She endured these immense challenges all while being a new mother.

    Jessica Sobul, rehabilitation director, FutureCare 
  • Entrepreneur in Residence

    Andrew Smith shares stories from Brookdale Senior Living’s entrepreneur program, where innovators are invited to move into a community, living alongside residents who will then critique their products. 

    Andrew Smith, director of strategy and innovation, Brookdale Senior Living

'Love them...keep them coming!’

–LED Attendee

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