LED Talks 2018

Provider Brings Memorable Stories To Quality Summit

  • Selfless Service

    ​Matthew Lysobey, chief community integration officer at Rockport Healthcare Services, talks about selfless service through the program, A Heart to Serve.

''These speakers were AMAZING! My favorite session!
Please, do these again!"

–LED Attendee

  • Caring for Navajo Elders

    ​Barbara Brown, president and chief operating officer of Winslow Campus of Care, shares her experience of caring for Navajo elders.

'Always enjoy actual providers sharing best practices.'

–LED Attendee

  • Multigenerational Care

    ​Michelle Belhumeur, executive director of Gorham House, shares the many benefits of caring for the elderly with preschoolers on site.

‘Loved the sessions. The ideas and the innovation from each of the speakers was a breath of fresh air.’

–LED Attendee

  • Manage Differently

    ​Greg Dowdy, chief operating officer for American HealthCare, tells how to keep the passion flowing by managing differently.

'Awesome! Will possibly use this type presentation for future events.'

–LED Attendee

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