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  • Bob Siebel, Carriage Healthcare

    ​Bob Siebel talks about the critical nature of staying abreast of changes.

  • Medicare is the 2018 Issue of the Year

    ​Mark Parkinson, president and CEO of AHCA/NCAL, reflects on the profession’s accomplishments with Medicare and what the association is doing to protect them this year.

  • PharMerica Leadership Series

    See what’s challenging the profession from a unique group of leaders. Get a deeper look at the latest legislative and regulatory updates. In partnership with PharMerica, we’ll bring you new videos every week that will inform and inspire you to go further.

  • Tom Coble, President & CEO, Elmbrook Management Co.

    ​Tom Coble talks about his company’s own Medicare insurance business.

  • Len Russ, Bayberry Care Center

    ​Leonard Russ, owner/administrator, Bayberry Care Center, talks about educating legislators on how provider quality measures have improved.

  • Craig Cornett, President/CEO, California Association of Health Facilities

    ​Craig Cornett discusses the major legislative issues important at state level.

  • Mark Schinnerer, CEO, CARC, Inc.

    CEO Mark Schinnerer, CARC, Inc., shares with Provider one thing that makes his organization truly unique.

  • Robin Hillier, Director of Reimbursement and Quality Metrics, Welcome Nursing Home

    Robin Hillier talks about how her company is preparing for the new payment model.

  • Holly Jarek, Vice President, Seven Hills Pediatric Center

    Holly Jarek, Vice President, Seven Hills Pediatric Center, illustrates a day at her facility.

  • Nico Gomez, President and CEO, Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers

    ​Nico Gomez, president & CEO of Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers, tells what his members have going on outside of the normal bounds of traditional care.

  • Robert Vande Merwe, Executive Director, Idaho Health Care Association

    ​Robert Vande Merwe, Executive Director, Idaho Health Care Association, tells Provider some of his non-legislative priorities for IHCA members.

  • Holly Jarek, Vice President, Seven Hills Pediatric Center

    ​ID/DD lobbyists visit D.C. and Capitol Hill. Holly Jarek tells Provider how her facility engages the community and lawmakers.

  • Craig Cornett, President/CEO, California Association of Health Facilities

    ​Craig Cornett, president & CEO of California Association of Health Facilities, gives examples of how his facilities operate outside of the normal bounds of traditional care.

  • Mark Schinnerer, CEO, CARC, Inc.

    ​CEO Mark Schinnerer, CARC, Inc., tells Provider about the daily activities in his facility.

  • Phil Scalo, Owner, Bartley Healthcare Nursing & Rehab

    ​Phil Scalo says residents see technology everywhere, so they'd better see it at your center.

  • Manage Differently

    ​Greg Dowdy, chief operating officer for American HealthCare, tells how to keep the passion flowing by managing differently.

  • A Healing Spirit

    ​Dave Baumgartner, vice president of spirituality and Sacred Six at Signature HealthCARE, shares his organization’s practice of providing spiritual services.

  • Multigenerational Care

    ​Michelle Belhumeur, executive director of Gorham House, shares the many benefits of caring for the elderly with preschoolers on site.

  • Caring for Navajo Elders

    ​Barbara Brown, president and chief operating officer of Winslow Campus of Care, shares her experience of caring for Navajo elders.

  • Selfless Service

    ​Matthew Lysobey, chief community integration officer at Rockport Healthcare Services, talks about selfless service through the program, A Heart to Serve.

  • 2018 Quality Summit

    Medline sponsors a Provider Interview Lounge at AHCA/NCAL’s recent Quality Summit.

  • Nico Gomez, President and CEO, Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers

    ​Gomez tells Provider the steps his facilities take to engage the community and lawmakers on important issues, such as Medicaid cuts.

  • Robert Vande Merwe, Executive Director, Idaho Health Care Association

    ​ID/DD lobbyists visit D.C. and Capitol Hill in March. Robert Vande Merwe tells of important issues forthcoming this year.

  • Holly Jarek, Seven Hills Pediatric Center

    ID/DD lobbyists visit D.C. and Capitol Hill. Holly Jarek tells of important issues forthcoming this year.

  • Joanne Erickson, Editor in Chief, Provider

    ​Provider editor tells readers how to get their own free subscription.

  • Phil Scalo, Owner, Bartley Healthcare Nursing & Rehab

    ​Phil Scalo laments surveyors who don't know the skilled nursing business.

  • Debbie Meade, Owner, Health Management

    ​Debbie Meade says her priority for 2018 is gearing up for better outcomes.

  • Joanne Erickson, Editor in Chief, Provider

    ​Joanne Erickson and Kris Mastrangelo, president and CEO, Harmony Healthcare, talk about how Provider is trying to help providers during challenging times.

  • Robin Hillier, Director of Reimbursement and Quality Metrics, Welcome Nursing Home

    ​Robin Hillier describes her love-hate relationship with Five-Star.

  • Phil Scalo, Owner, Bartley Healthcare Nursing & Rehab

    ​Phil Scalo, owner, Bartley Healthcare Nursing & Rehab, explains how crucial happy staff are to happy residents.

  • Michael Wylie, VP, Development, Genesis HealthCare Corp.

    ​Michael Wylie discusses the "Deluge of Dementia" hitting nursing and assisted living centers today.

  • Teresa Chase, President, American HealthTech

    Teresa Chase emphasizes the importance of changing with the times.

  • Shannon Lager, VP and COO, Medicalodges

    Shannon Lager says it’s important to figure out the costs related to each type of condition.

  • Jeff Amann, COO, Welcov Healthcare

    Jeff Amann says his beginnings as a CNA motivate him to support Welcov’s staff and its residents.

  • Angela Smith

    Angela Smith, Senior Director of Reimbursement and Rehabilitation, Cantex Continuing Care Network

    Angela Smith is confident in SNFs’ ability to reinvent themselves.

  • Phil Scalo, Bartley Healthcare Nursing & Rehab

    ​Phil Scalo, Owner, Bartley Healthcare Nursing & Rehab, talks about the advantages and challenges of independent ownership.

  • Debbie Meade, Health Management

    ​Debbie Meade describes how her company is partnering with schools to get students in the building.

  • Robin Hillier, Director of Reimbursement and Quality Metrics, Welcome Nursing Home

    Robin Hillier, Director of Reimbursement and Quality Metrics, Welcome Nursing Home, talks about the overly prescriptive regulatory environment.

  • Michael Wylie, VP, Development, Genesis HealthCare Corp.

    Michael Wylie of Genesis discusses the challenges of Medicaid rates from state to state.

  • Van Moore, Westcare Healthcare Management

    ​Van Moore says Medicaid should return to what it was created for: supporting the elderly and disabled.

  • Dan Holdhusen, The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

    ​Dan Holdhusen, director of government relations at Good Sam, recounts his reason for visiting D.C.: to advocate for residents who are on Medicaid and need funding for nursing care.

  • Norman Estes, NHS Management

    ​Norm Estes describes how personal relationships with lawmakers can impact their decisions.

  • Van Moore, Senior Vice President, Westcare Healthcare Management

    Van Moore says data are supporting providers’ claims of improved quality.

  • Van Moore, Senior Vice President, Westcare Healthcare Management

    Van Moore is passionate about a provider agreement to care for veterans.

  • Phil Fogg, President & CEO, Marquis Companies

    ​Phil Fogg says the new personnel at CMS allow for more dialog on regulatory issues.

  • Barbara Gage, PhD, Research Associate Professor, George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Services

    ​Professor Barbara Gage talks about how the IMPACT Act will facilitate comparability between patients and conditions.

  • Len Russ, Owner/Administrator, Bayberry Care Center

    ​Len Russ of Bayberry Care Center says patient transitions to and from all destinations are becoming more and more the responsibility of care centers.

  • Arif Nazir, MD, CMD, Chief Medical Officer, Signature Health Care

    Signature Health Care’s Arif Nazir talks about the role of the medical director as team leader.

  • Sonja Quale, PharmD, Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer, PharMerica

    ​PharMerica’s Sonja Quale talks about the importance of CMS’ core  elements in the new regulations for antibiotics.

  • Conference Rocks!

    ​Provider’s Washington, D.C., Leadership Series, sponsored by PharMerica this summer, brought together health leaders, lawmakers, and providers.

  • Greg Elliot receives Joe Warner Patient Advocacy Award

    ​Congratulations to Joe Warner Patient Advocacy Award Recipient Greg Elliot of Charleston, WV

  • Shauna Kapsner, Partners Senior Living Options

    ​Shauna Kapsner, director of operations at Partners Senior Living Options, talks about bringing humor to her organization.

  • Howie Groff, President, Tealwood Senior Living

    ​Howie Groff talks about today's climates for skilled nursing and assisted living.

  • Sarah Schumann, Vice President of Operations, Brookside Inn

    ​Sarah Schumann says stories about residents help lawmakers understand the personal impact of regs.

  • Norman Estes, NHS Management

    Norm Estes describes providers’ role in explaining the challenges they face to lawmakers.

  • Neil Pruitt Jr., PruittHealth

    ​Neil Pruitt Jr. talks about civil monetary payments and the latest payment model during D.C. trip.

  • Holly Jarek, Seven Hills Foundation

    ​Holly Jarek explains why it is important for members to stay in contact with representatives regarding funding.

  • PointClickCare, LED Talks Sponsor

    Travis Palmquist, PointClickCare, LED Talks Sponsor


    Travis Palmquist
  • Medtronic, LED Talks Sponsor

    Chris Arapoff, Medtronic, LED Talks Sponsor

    Chris Arapoff
  • Entrepreneur in Residence

    Andrew Smith shares stories from Brookdale Senior Living’s entrepreneur program, where innovators are invited to move into a community, living alongside residents who will then critique their products. 

    Andrew Smith, director of strategy and innovation, Brookdale Senior Living
  • Saying No to More: Medical Care at End of Life

    Many of Dr. David Gifford’s elderly patients have expressed a desire to maximize their quality of life, even if it increases the risk of harm or shortens their lives. While families and caregivers may object, he makes the case for when the best answer may be “no” to more medical care.

    David Gifford, MD, senior vice president, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, AHCA/NCAL
  • Never Burn a Bridge 

     Relationships really matter. The person we are upset with today may resurface tomorrow as a key decision maker who can improve or ruin our outcomes. Citing personal experience, Bob Siebel discusses helpful tools for interfacing with residents, families, government, and others who can impact your life.

    Bob Siebel, president of Carriage Healthcare Companies
  • Medline, LED Talks Sponsor

    ​Mike Tawater, Medline, LED Talks Sponsor

    Mike Tawater
  • Cara Silletto

    Millennials and their Impact on Employee Turnover 

    Cara Silletto, a millennial herself, shares a new perspective on the millennial mindset, how to keep them happy, and management strategies for reducing avoidable employee turnover.


    Cara Silletto, president and chief retention officer, Crescendo Strategies
  • Renee Naylor

    Renee Naylor, Westcare Healthcare Management

    Renee discusses why she is attending the ID/DD Fly-in, while ​visiting Washington, D.C.

  • Lester's Legacy: Finding The Artist Within

    ​Dr. Daniel Potts talks about a special individual who discovered his creative awakening and became an acclaimed watercolor artist while in the throes of dementia: his father, Lester Potts.

    Daniel Potts, MD, founder of Cognitive Dynamics
  • From Patient to Practitioner: A Personal Journey

    ​Jessica Sobul shares her incredible journey through pregnancy, cancer, and a MRSA infection which left her in a medically induced coma, bed bound, and a stage 3 pressure ulcer. She endured these immense challenges all while being a new mother.

    Jessica Sobul, rehabilitation director, FutureCare 
  • Anders Jensen at AHCA/NCAL Convention 2016

    Anders Jensen, Royal Danish Consulate General of New York, discusses his work with care providers and differences between Denmark and U.S. health care models.

  • Maureen Carland, Maine Veterans Home

    ​Maureen Carland, administrator at Maine Veterans Home, shares how they obtained the Gold Award.

  • Convention 2016 Rod Burkett

    ​Rod Burkett, CEO, Gardant Mgmt, discusses how to develop assisted living housing for all income levels.

  • Cindy Badeloo at AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention

    ​Cindy shares how the CMS final rule will affect providers.

  • Michelle Wincell O'Leary, Touchstone Mental Health

    ​Michelle Wincell O'Leary, Touchstone Mental Health, discusses their model for residents living with mental illnesses.

  • Nanci Wilson, Plum Healthcare Group

    Nanci Wilson talks about the changes in allowable levels of therapy the new rules mandate and how Plum Healthcare Group follows patients post-discharge to make sure that they are following a path that will bring them to the best outcome possible.

  • Lina Dureza, Gold Recipient

    Gold Award recipient, Lina Dureza from Hughes Health and Rehab shares how her work affects her residents.

  • Judi Kulus and MDS Section GG Rules

    ​Judi Kulus, American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination, shares the top 3 thing providers should keep in mind while implementing the MDS Section GG rules.

  • More from Lyn Bentley on Payroll-Based Journal

    ​Part 3: More from AHCA's Lyn Bentley on Payroll-Based Journal.

  • Lyn Bentley

    Lyn Bentley on Payroll Based Journal

    ​Part 2: Lyn Bentley answers questions on Payroll-Based Journal.

  • Lyn Bentley, Urvi Patel

    Lyn Bentley, Urvi Patel

    ​Part 1: Advice from AHCA on how to get started with CMS’ Payroll-Based Journal requirements, including how to register, where materials can be found, and where to go to for answers to questions.

  • William Biggs

    ​William Biggs talks about the unique challenges of caring for veterans emotionally and mentally damaged by war.

  • Kathleen Collins Pagels

    ​Kathleen Collins Pagels talks about the compelling reasons to lobby your lawmakers.

  • Patti Cullen, Care Providers of Minnesota

    Minnesota’s Patti Cullen looks for ways to manage a workforce shortage that will only deepen due to “sheer demographics.”​

  • Cindy Luxem, Kansas Health Care Association

    ​Cindy Luxem of Kansas is concerned about the new rules of participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs.

  • Martin Allen

    ​Martin Allen of HCR ManorCare says providers need to be aware that there is legislation in Congress that would add new pay-fors to the value-based purchasing pay-fors already in place.

  • Health Boddy

    ​Heath Boddy is working with state agencies to interest younger Nebraskans in health career paths.

  • Paul Liistro, CEO, Arbors of Hop Brook

    Paul Liistro discusses reducing unnecessary rehospitalizations.

  • Joanne Erickson with Joceyln Montgomery

    ​Joanne Erickson with Joceyln Montgomery discuss emerging infectious diseases

  • Picking Up The Pieces

    ​​Cindi Halkola, Activity Director for The Chelsea at Brookfield, had to hit rock bottom job-, health-, and home-wise before she discovered her calling: bringing residents with dementia into the mainstream of life at her assisted living community.

    Cindi Halkola
  • PointClickCare, LED Talks sponsor

    Travis Palmquist, PointClickCare


    Travis Palmquist
  • Whose Care Plan Is It, Anyway?

    Philip DuBois, Program Manager of Long Term Care Administration, Saint Joseph’s College, tells what he learned during a stay in his own facility and about the importance of giving residents ownership of their care plans.


    Phillip DuBois
  • abaqis, LED Talks sponsor

    Interview with Peter Kramer, abaqis

    Peter Kramer
  • The Other End Of The Call Light: A 24-Hour Resident Immersion

    Taylor Kollross, Executive Director Intern, Woodbury Senior Living, shares her experiences and the lessons she learned when she admitted herself to her own facility in the guise of a resident with mock impairments.

    Taylor Kollross
  • Medtronic, LED Talks sponsor

    Interview with Gable McHugh, Medtronic

    Gabe McHugh
  • Postcards From The Future: Next Generation Senior Care From Around The World

      Stephen Johnston, Co-Founder of Aging2.0, describes best practices from around the world and offers some takeaways for American caregivers.


    Stephen Johnston
  • abaqis, LED Talks sponsor

    Interview with Ellen Sandler Kuebrich, abaqis


    Ellen Sandler Kuebrich, abaqis
  • Who Cares If You Provide Dementia Training?

    Dayne Duvall, COO of the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care, was inspired to advocate for higher skills for caregivers when he was called on to care for his own father, who developed Alzheimer’s.


    Dayne DuVall
  • Andrew Van Orstand

    Medtronic, Led Talks sponsor

    ​Interview with Andrew Van Orstand, Medtronic


    Andrew Van Orstand
  • Why I Do What I Do

    Jessica Patterson, CNA, Aspire Home Care, lost her Mom to Huntington’s disease last July. She talks about how her love for her mother inspires her love for the elders she cares for today.


    Jessica Patterson, CNA
  • How do you visualize the future of long term care?

    ​Glenn Van Ekeren and Jack Vetter sit with Provider's Joanne Erickson.

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