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Caregiving Expand Caregiving … Beyond Washington, D.C., Wylie says during his chairmanship he wants AHCA to work with the states and “really help any state affiliates that are in a …
Date: 8/16/2018 Size: 76KB

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The obesity epidemic in the United States may be responsible for the emergence of a new trend in long term care staffing, and it appears to be spurring the U.S. Department of Labor’s …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 7/5/2012 Size: 55KB

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​The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 2012 Office of Inspector General (OIG) Work Plan offers providers a helpful overview of Medicare enforcement priorities. With respect to …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 5/2/2012 Size: 52KB’s-Work-Plan-The-Inside-Scoop.aspx

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Does your company or the company’s medical advisor use forms created more than three years ago asking for information about an applicant’s or an employee’s family medical history? …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 3/10/2014 Size: 56KB

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a​Information is power, particularly when hiring new workers. But, many previous employers are reluctant to offer honest critiques of past employees for fear of being sued.   …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 9/13/2011 Size: 56KB

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Caregiving Expand Caregiving … HHS-OIG released an early alert with preliminary findings of its ongoing nationwide investigation into the adequacy of skilled nursing care centers’ elder …
Authors: System Account Date: 9/9/2011 Size: 60KB

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​A profession charged with caring for the frailest members of society is a setting fraught with risk.  Falls, skin breakdowns, elopements, and medication … Caregiving Expand Caregiving
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 7/27/2012 Size: 52KB

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