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What shaped Tom Zwicker, a nursing home administrator, wasn’t so much his years of … elders and understands firsthand the stress of regulatory, legal, and financial challenges. …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 4/17/2014 Size: 56KB

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Choices And Teamwork Improve End-of-Life Care … Dementia: Spotlight On Abilities-based Care Model … Nursing, Rehab Therapy Under MDS 3.0 … GPS Use Raises Legal Concerns …
Date: 10/22/2019 Size: 56KB

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Providers Share Ideas on Meeting Demand for Positive Outcomes … Acheiving Organizational Change, On a Budget … Tunable Lighting Makes Big Impact on … Legal Hurdles in Memory Care Communities …
Date: 10/22/2019 Size: 63KB

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a​A central goal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is to provide health … can be used for the transfer of other legal documentation, such as doctor’s orders and death …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 10/13/2011 Size: 59KB

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The past few years have seen a record level of health care … facility bankruptcy filings, and if the first half of the year … or legal teams. Those providers that are more complex and are …
Authors: Shevona Johnson Date: 7/29/2019 Size: 55KB’s-Revenue-Environment.aspx

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to check with the state medical association and legal counsel about how best to comply with … indicated they were less likely to seek legal action if they were informed of the error by …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 7/27/2012 Size: 52KB

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a​Information is power, particularly when hiring new workers. But, many previous employers are … checks during the hiring process is legal, fair, and useful, employers need to carefully …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 9/13/2011 Size: 57KB

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■ Understand your financing needs. Before starting a dialogue with a lender or financial … all statements and census data, and assemble all legal data in advance. Make sure you have …
Authors: Shevona Johnson Date: 9/12/2011 Size: 48KB

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​1. Remember that Provider is an informative professional development tool that goes to … Caregiving column. Other columns include Legal, Management, Finance, and Human Resources. We …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 2/22/2013 Size: 49KB

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​The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 2012 Office of Inspector General (OIG) Work Plan offers providers a helpful overview of Medicare enforcement priorities. With respect to …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 5/2/2012 Size: 53KB’s-Work-Plan-The-Inside-Scoop.aspx

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