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Conditions of AHCA/NCAL Web Site Use … By accessing and or using any of the American Health Care … limitation;; …
Authors: Mike Riggleman Date: 6/29/2017 Size: 79KB

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often be avoided with the correct legal counsel,” said Deborah Leff, deputy counselor for … facing foreclosure are unaware of their legal options and that the creation of broad …
Authors: Shevona Johnson Date: 8/31/2012 Size: 51KB

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Providers Push Boundaries as Diversification Trend Evolves … Long term and post-acute care (LT … the company works on not only the legal structures to ensure the mission is intact but also …
Authors: Amy Mendoza Date: 7/19/2018 Size: 52KB

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a firm that helps doctors manage legal liability, began selling form contracts to doctors … Medical Justice was selling never worked as a legal matter, so I feel like a lot of doctors …
Authors: Shevona Johnson Date: 2/1/2016 Size: 49KB

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Require U.S. citizens and legal residents to have qualifying health coverage. Those without … Require most U.S. citizens and legal residents to have health insurance. State-based …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 8/31/2011 Size: 48KB

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​A 2003 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association suggests … a curriculum of clinical, administrative, and legal education for family members, to include …
Authors: Shevona Johnson Date: 8/12/2011 Size: 47KB

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In a recent Florida case, Jackson v. Trans Healthcare, that resulted in a $114 million … and it creates difficulties for facilities attempting to defend themselves in a legal attack. …
Authors: Shevona Johnson Date: 8/12/2011 Size: 51KB

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​The following descriptions outline the government’s various strategies in preventing and … Care Association (AHCA), Priscilla Shoemaker, legal counsel, AHCA; the Centers for Medicare …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 8/15/2011 Size: 52KB,-Investigation,-Prosecution.aspx

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​In recent years, the government and states have intensified their efforts to root out fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Agencies like the Department of …
Authors: Meg Laporte Date: 8/15/2011 Size: 56KB

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archives/archives-2012/PublishingImages/0812/legal/legal.gif … CCRC, community care retirement community, resident's rights
Authors: Shevona Johnson Date: 7/23/2012 Size: 25KB

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