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 Easing The Fear Of Change

In changing, uncertain times, some staff can be fearful and worried about their futures. One key to staff motivation and inspiration is to ease these fears so that people can relax and focus on their residents. Author David Farrell suggests a few tips to help managers and supervisors take the lead on fear-busting:

■ Be positive about changes. “Say that we are going to see changes, but there are good changes to come that will benefit our residents and our facilities in many ways,” Farrell says.

■ Focus on the people around you. Get out in the facility and interact with staff. Find out directly what is worrying them, and address their concerns promptly.

■ Hold inservice programs on what changes such as the Affordable Care Act will mean to staff and their work with residents. Emphasize that many very positive things—such as staff focus on the residents’ well-being and comfort—won’t change.

■ Wear a positive face in public. “Even if you are having a bad day, flip the switch when you leave your office and be positive.”

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