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 MedTech Wearables Thermo Temperature Sensing Smartwatch

As the world seeks ways to adapt to COVID-19, a company based in Manitoba, Canada is introducing an affordable new tool to help businesses, facilities and families detect the possibility of a virus infection in their midst.

The Cling®Thermo, a high-precision thermometer in the form of a comfortable wireless wristband, has just been introduced by MedTechWearables in cooperation with HiCling Inc. of Shanghai, a leading supplier of fitness and health technologies. The wristband continually monitors the wearer’s skin temperature to detect the onset of fever, one of the key indicators of COVID-19, so that medical advice and further testing can be immediately sought. When connected to an optional IoT (Internet of Things) gateway device, the Cling®Thermo can also be used to monitor an entire community of people, such as a business, school or health care facility.

“To our knowledge, there is no other passive temperature detecting solution in the world like this with features for both personal and group monitoring,” says Ross Christie, President of MedTech.

The Cling®Thermo is the latest smartwatch/app solution offered by this La Salle, Manitoba-based company. MedTech has a growing range of innovative products that use wireless tracking, cloud-based storage and data gathering/analysis technologies to support health, fitness and medication compliance monitoring in home and institutional settings.

“When COVID-19 hit, we saw an urgent global need for an easy, affordable means of early skin temperature detection. By incorporating a medical-grade temperature sensor into our existing wrist-wearable design, we engineered the first continual skin-temperature-tracking smartwatch and mobile app,” Christie said.

“Medicare studies in the U.S. show that every dollar spent on remote patient monitoring can save ten dollars in health care costs, and COVID-19 has once again reminded us that prevention and early detection are key. The MedTech Cling®Thermo smartwatch, the accompanying free app and, in group environments, the optional Gateway provide an important solution to help lessen virus transmission.”

Here’s how the system works:

For individual use: The Cling®Thermo wristband automatically detects the wearer’s skin temperature throughout the day. Data is then transmitted to the wearer’s mobile device using Bluetooth technology. On-demand temperature readings are displayed when the wearer touches a button on the wristband. The free Cling app can then be used to view daily, weekly, monthly or annual skin temperature reading as well as graphs displaying fluctuations.

The data can also be shared with family members or caregivers – even those who live in another part of the world. These guardians are not required to have a Cling®Thermo device. They simply download the free app and, with permission from the wearer, have remote access to the wearer’s temperature and other health data.

For large-scale monitoring: The Cling IoT (Internet of Things) Gateway collects data from individual wristband wearers and then pushes it to MedTech’s secure Cloud service, where it is processed and stored. The collected data can then be viewed on any central or remote networked computer or smart TV screen. A single Cling Gateway can monitor the skin temperature of dozens of wristband wearers, and the system can be set up to automatically send a warning message when a wearer's temperature detected goes above the pre-set threshold.

“For example, in a health care facility, the Cling®Thermo wristband could be worn by all front-line workers,” Christie explained. “The Gateway would collect the staff's temperatures at regular intervals throughout their shift, and push the data to the Cloud, where it would be available from any browser-enabled computer or smart TV. Should the temperature of a staff member spike during their shift, the Gateway would automatically send an alert to the Front End Interface display.”

Other uses: While the Cling®Thermo was inspired by the current COVID-19 pandemic, it was designed to meet the ongoing need for early detection of viruses or infection. ​It can also be used along with MedTech's real time multi-medication monitoring and inventory tracking solution, which is included with the free Cling®Thermo app. This feature can be used personally or in a business or facility.

About MedTech Wearables

MedTech Wearables Inc. is a start-up established in La Salle, Manitoba, in co-operation with HiCling Inc. of Shanghai, a leading supplier of fitness and health technologies. The company’s growing product line includes the Cling®Thermo, Cling®Leap and Cling®Aura with tracking systems for medication compliance in home and institutional care settings.

Manrex Limited, a Canadian company based in Winnipeg, is committed to eliminating the opportunity for medication errors in community care, long term care (nursing home) and acute care (hospital) settings. Since 1973, Manrex has been a leader in developing and representing an extensive portfolio of unique pharmacy and nursing products from blister packs for seniors in the community to medication carts, pharmacy and nursing automation and pill crushers used throughout the world.

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