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 2012 Top 40 Assisted Living Companies

Most Offer Independent Living

 Managing Editor

Landing the No. 1 spot this year on Provider’s Top 40 Largest Assisted Living Companies list is Brentwood, Tenn.-based Brookdale Senior Living, replacing Emeritus, which occupied the top spot last year for the first time.
Emeritus Senior Living, Seattle, moved down just one place to No. 2 this year, while Sunrise Senior Living, McLean, Va., made the No. 3 slot and is followed by Atria Senior Living, Louisville, Ky.

The remaining Top 10 contenders are largely the same as last year, with the exception of Dallas-based Capitol Senior Living, which jumped up from No. 14 last year to push out Life Care Services, The Woodlands, Texas, for No. 10 this year.

Optimism Continues

The expansion of ancillary services and specialty care among assisted living providers continues at a steady pace this year, with companies citing, as they did last year, an optimistic outlook for the sector.

Emeritus’ 2011 annual report is once again bullish on assisted living. The company believes that the sector will continue to benefit from several trends, including changing family dynamics, in which “the geographical separation of senior family members from their adult children correlates with the geographic mobility of the U.S. population. As a result, many families that may have provided care to senior family members in their homes are now unable to do so,” says the report.
Also cited is a “supply/demand imbalance.” The senior population, Emeritus contends, continues to grow significantly, while the supply of assisted living units is not growing at a similarly rapid rate.

“We believe that high construction costs, costs and availability of capital and credit, and the cost of liability insurance for smaller operators have constrained the growth in the supply of assisted living facilities,” the report says.

Innovation Still In Play

Integral Senior Living, Carlsbad, Calif., will continue to implement Generations, a program based on person-centered care, while providing engaging and stimulating environments through dining and activity programs for those with memory loss.
Both Capitol Senior Living and Ridgeline Management, Eugene, Ore., are implementing elder-directed care “inspired by the Eden Alternative.”
Among the 40 providers on this list, 24 also offer nursing home care and 15 provide post-acute care. Not surprisingly, the bulk of the companies on this year’s Top 40 also offer memory or dementia care services.
For 35 of this year’s Top 40 largest companies, independent living is an ancillary business option, compared with 33 last year. In addition, 15 companies this year offer pharmacy services, while that number was 12 last year. Up from 17 last year, 21 companies now offer hospice care to residents, while 16 offer home care.
This year’s lineup represents a resident capacity of more than 208,000 and more than 2,340 buildings.
To view the list, click here.
martin perry
6:44 PM
February 06, 2016
Developer contact at: Or call 616-554-1321 office 616-214-6499 cell
Martin Perry
6:41 PM
February 06, 2016
We are developers of Senior Living Facilities presently seeking Healthcare Providers that are interested operating the day to day and becoming the lessee. We develop nationwide. We are presently working on a 228 Unit. Please contact me. Thank you.
Holly Panzera
11:23 AM
December 02, 2015
For those ALF who are self-insured, would you like to save in-house attorney hours and receive real-time risk reviews completed by a Registered Nurse? Secure, HIPAA compliant, cost effective business solution.
Richard White
9:18 AM
November 05, 2015
We are in the early stages of developing a 180 unit Independent Living facility in Raleigh, NC. We are seeking an operator to run the day to day and/or to lease the completed facility from us. Contact Dick White, General Partner
John Sweeney
8:07 AM
July 07, 2014
I would like to talk with firms that operate AL facilities. My team will develop and own the facilities.
bill turner
11:33 AM
June 16, 2014
purchasing two alf facilities being run as multifamily looking for company to transition into alf facility ?? south florida and manhattan new york
Carol Hale
2:28 PM
April 19, 2014
After just viewing Frontline expose of Emeritus, I'm shocked to learn the company ranks at top of list of providers.
eileen rowland
2:24 PM
March 26, 2014
Thank you for alowing me to network with you, and I too would appreciate an opportunity to review thelist esp top 10
Janss Woldseth
6:51 PM
January 08, 2014
I'm curious which tradeshows/conferences post-acute and assisted living companies attend.
Leo F
2:40 AM
March 19, 2013
My partner and I recently launched with a mission to improve senior care in the USA with instant transparency via reviews. Would love to one day contribute to article like this.
joe Schmo
5:31 PM
September 16, 2012
where is the list?
Commonwealth Design and Accessibility Partnership
2:30 PM
August 31, 2012
This is a great article which brings up an important point. The lack of availability of AL units is driving those with restricted mobility or specialized care needs back home with children. This could be a blessing in disguise - with proper planning an existing home can be retrofitted to accommodate those specialized needs - which saves long term cost of care over time. I would like to see cost studies for this... what is the cost of a retrofit/small addition and part time care VERSUS full time space with an AL Community?
Marc Silverman
1:39 PM
August 02, 2012
Can I view the list of the 40 assisted living providers. Can't read the word
Robert Frank
10:29 AM
July 05, 2012
We are provider of services to nursing homes and assisted living centers... I would like to review the top 50 list.
9:37 AM
June 30, 2012
Given Sunrise has recently made front page news, with photos, re physical abuse to elderly residents, I would question just how these facilities are evaluated. The abuse took place earlier, the families kept their family members in-place because they feared what would happen in other locations. The case is finally going to trial. It's a disgrace.
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