​Reliant Rehabilitation has built a reputation for providing best-in-class clinical programs and compliance processes. We will always focus on our core model, delivering the highest therapy outcomes to seniors in the most efficient manner possible to bring quality and value to payers and provider partners. 2020 brought to light new challenges and needs for health care operators, especially for skilled nursing facilities. Reliant proactively adapted by modifying existing processes and quickly rolling out new programs to meet the changing landscape.

Combating Impact of Isolation

As we move forward in this post-pandemic/transitional phase, robust therapy programs are crucial to meet all residents’ needs. Our most frail and elderly citizens are experiencing an increase in cognitive impairments, including disorientation, confusion, and decreased ability to follow directions. These declines cause increased risks of falls, poor decision making, and weight-loss concerns. Spending most of their time isolated to their rooms and many hours spent in bed the past year have caused severe declines in physical function.

The average senior loses 1 percent of lean muscle for every day they are bedbound. This generalized weakness, if left untreated, will cause additional safety concerns, including decreased ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs), contractures, decreased ability to ambulate, incontinence, and falls.

Reliant's proprietary programs like Subtle Observed Symptoms (SOS) and No Patient Left Behind ensure timely identification and treatment of these functional changes. These programs include training for the entire clinical team, not just for the therapy department. A key component to success often missed is communication between departments. These programs, when implemented and supported by the team, produce better outcomes and reduce costly rehospitalizations.

Adjustment to PDPM

Before the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, our industry faced the most significant reimbursement change in 20 years, the Patient-Driven Payment Model, or PDPM. Just as our provider partners were learning how to manage the new, complicated system, the pandemic caused a shift of attention from reimbursement to crisis management.

In 2019, Reliant focused our resources on developing a PDPM model to support our clients in providing the best outcomes possible under the new reimbursement system. We created and implemented both Clinical Predictive Pathways (CP2) and Care+ models to meet the needs of our residents and clients. We invested countless training hours in our clinicians to become contributing members of the interdisciplinary team.

During 2020, we all had to adapt to the changing rules and regulations surrounding COVID-19. It is now time to refocus our attention on ensuring accurate coding of the MDS to reflect the real needs of the resident.

All Reliant Rehabilitation full-service clients benefit from PDPM-trained clinicians prepared with tools to facilitate communication between nursing and rehab for MDS coding accuracy. While listening to the needs and frustrations of skilled nursing facility operators across the country, we understand the need for additional support from qualified reimbursement specialists.

Reliant Reimbursement Solutions (RRS) provides post-acute providers with case-management and reimbursement specialists for each of their facilities, combined with enhanced analytics, and comprehensive claims management to ensure that operators achieve the highest appropriate reimbursement for the services provided to post-acute patients and long term care residents. RRS provides the peace of mind that claims are accurate, documentation is defensible, and manages your claims from ADR through all levels of review.

Enhanced Communication

During the pandemic, we realized a gap in our ability to effectively communicate therapy progress with family members. Historically, therapists work closely with key family members throughout their rehabilitation stay. This exchange of information is crucial to the long-term outcome of the resident. Upon admission and through the evaluation, family members give clinicians crucial historical information. During treatment, family members act as cheerleaders, encouraging their loved ones to participate in therapy, and as we enter the final days of a therapy stay, clinicians work with the family to ensure a safe discharge.

This ongoing information exchange ensures the most appropriate treatment plan and sets the resident and family up for success. To address this communication challenge, Reliant has partnered with an industry leader to create a proprietary family engagement solution, Reliant FamilyLink. With Reliant FamilyLink, our therapists can correspond with key family members via chat and video. Families are invited to attend live therapy sessions in a safe, virtual environment. Loved ones can also share the resident's history, including sharing memories and pictures.

Census Development Support

One final hurdle amplified by the pandemic is occupancy. We all know that long term care communities compete for admissions in a challenging market, even with the best care and outcomes. The media painted a horrific picture of our industry during the COVID-19 crisis. We must rebuild the trust and confidence of the consumers and referral sources. Considering this critical situation, Reliant has committed to being a trusted resource and trustworthy partner in rebuilding your occupancy levels and increasing referrals to your communities.

ReliantGrow gives our partners the tools and support they need to have a sophisticated marketing approach. The ReliantGrow team is led by seasoned professionals who will work with your existing marketing team to identify barriers and uncover opportunities to build your business. ReliantGrow is a multi-faceted approach that includes a consultative review of your competitive marketplace, training on interpreting the data, and outcomes and success stories for both referral sources and social media. Reliant's unique approach and proprietary programs like Model 10 and A Year of Wellness are proven tools to drive attention to your communities.

Reliant Rehabilitation is committed to providing the highest level of professional therapy services to your residents in the most efficient, cost-effective way. Our pricing models and programs are customized to your needs and budget. We pride ourselves on offering an all-inclusive model directly tied to your reimbursement, with no hidden costs. Think of Reliant as a risk-share model where our incentives are aligned with outcomes.

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