​"One of the things that has worked well for us is Compass Total Benefit Solutions’ ability to manage change and transitions seamlessly. About 15 months ago, Altamonte Care of Texas changed payroll platforms. Compass was highly engaged in our strategic process of choosing a new platform for our company.

“Nick, our partner at Compass, was familiar with our business. We built trust together over time, as Nick had helped our business create a strong benefits package and manage benefits during a period of growth and acquisition.

“Compass’ recommendation to use Employee Navigator for benefits enrollment allowed us to seamlessly integrate the new payroll platform and human resources information system. Employees can access the platform from their own device and see their payroll information, benefits details and other helpful information, like ongoing education and training requirements. At the same time, our operations and departments are streamlined, and we’re poised for easier growth.

“Compass is really the leading expert in creating insurance and benefits programs that truly work for your business. Culturally, our company aims to always be compassionate. We want to make the right decisions when it comes to our employees’ wellness, whether that’s their emotional, physical or financial health, and I trust Compass to help us live out that mission in every aspect.”

Logan Sexton, Managing Principal
Altamonte Management Advisors, LLC

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