Diaper Sensing Solution Helps Caregivers Attend to Seniors’ Needs Quickly

Monit Elderly Care
Monit is introducing the most sophisticated adult diaper sensing solution leading to better care for seniors. Designed for the large and growing adult diaper market, Monit’s Elderly Care System will provide older patients a better quality of life, caregivers more work efficiency, and family members a sense of relief with daily information on the status of their loved ones. Facilities will appreciate that this can help cut costs.

Changing a diaper at the right time is one of the most challenging jobs. Without consistent monitoring and changes, patients might experience urinary tract infections, incontinence-associated dermatitis, all of which can be potentially dangerous and costly for a vulnerable elderly population. This is the only smart elderly care sensing solution to pinpoint the soiled area and determine what it is. Monit’s technology is taking a lot of the guesswork out of diaper care, leading to happier and healthier people.

Monit’s Elderly Care System includes a WiFi hub for extending the service area and a mobile app. A caregiver attaches the sensor to the outside of the adult diaper, and it senses when the diaper is soiled, the data are sent to the cloud, delivering instant notification to as many as five people so caregivers are always informed and can take care of the person at the right time.

With its multiple sensors and pattern-learning algorithm, only the Monit system can distinguish between urine and defecation. The benefit of this system is that Monit detects soiled area of the diaper so that caregivers know the optimal time to change it. 

“Our system uses the most advanced sensing technology to measure, alert, and inform, leading to healthier and more comfortable patients,” said Tony Park, Monit chief executive officer. 

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