Urine Collection Device Improves Quality of Care, Reduces Facility Costs

American Medical Technologies, Irvine, Calif., an independent provider of wound care solutions for long term care and post-acute environments, has partnered with TillaCare to introduce UriCap, an innovative external urine collection device for managing female urinary incontinence in the long term care market across the United States.

UriCap is a noninvasive, leak-free, external urine collection device specifically designed to fit the female anatomy. It prevents contact between urine and skin, helps monitor urine quality and quantity, conceals the odor of urine, and keeps the patient dry. Because it is changed only once per day, UriCap helps the facility reduce various costs associated with staff time, incontinence products, labor, laundry, and waste removal. 

TillaCare’s mission is to bring to market cutting-edge urine collection for incontinent men and women that dramatically reduces health risks and costs and increases comfort, as well as preventing social isolation. 

For more information: Visit www.amtwoundcare.com.​