​​1. Remember that Provider is an informative professional developmePrv1111_C1.jpgnt tool that goes to nearly every nursing home and many assisted living communities in the nation. Nearly every item included in the magazine and online is designed to give long term and post-acute care professionals information, ideas, tips, and advice that will help readers improve themselves, their skills, and their programs. News and reports about nursing home and/or assisted living activities and programs should be presented in the context of innovation and practicality. If the item is not particularly new, different, or instructive, the information may not be suited for Provider.

2. Review several issues of the magazine. Consider where your information would best fit. If it’s about an innovative program that successfully reduced falls in your nursing home, it would most likely be suited for the Caregiving column. Other columns include Legal, Management, Finance, and Human Resources.

3. We are always looking for timely articles for our regular Technology in Health Care feature. However, these submissions may be a little trickier to publish. There are many proprietary products out there that are clearly relevant to our readers, but for the most part we cannot publish product or company names in this section.

4. Consider submitting your article idea or outline to the managing editor before submitting the entire article. This will help you get a better idea of how relevant your topic is and if it needs a new angle. Let us know what makes your idea special or unique, what information you would include in the article, and how it would help long term and post-acute care professionals.

5. Review the contributor guidelines document. Please stick to the guidelines as much as possible.

6. Know the deadlines! We begin our print issues immediately after the previous one is closed—usually about seven weeks prior to the issue’s mailing. The deadlines are usually on the third Friday of the month that falls two months prior to the issue.

7. Have patience, please! The magazine has a small staff, and we do our very best to get back to you in a timely fashion. Also, our website, www.providermagazine.com, is full of lots of good stuff. We accept submissions for it as well, and there are no deadlines!

8. Feel free to submit relevant videos for our website. Although this may not be on the priority list for a facility administrator or owner, be aware that we love to publish good, hi-res photos in print and informational videos and photos online. The photos or videos should illustrate your facility’s innovative activity, clinical program, or exciting event.

9. Unfortunately, we cannot publish all the news and information we receive. There are many, many interesting activities happening in facilities across the country. Again, because we have a small staff, we cannot cover them all. If a particular item you submit is rejected, please don’t let that stop you from submitting something else that might be a better fit.

10. Give us your feedback. We encourage our readers to give us their opinions on the articles that appear in the magazine. Did you like a particular piece; was it helpful? Do you have an opposing view? What would you like to see more of, or less of? Do you have a list of topics that you’d like to see covered in the magazine in a future issue? Let us hear from you!