Provider is distributed to more than 52,000 administrators, directors of nursing, owners, and operators of nursing, assisted living, and post-acute care facilities. is the online counterpart to Provider. The new website launched in September 2011 with myriad new features, including breaking news, guest columns, and videos. This means that the prospect of getting an article published on the website is more likely than in print.

Article submission is open to all long term and post-acute care professionals and vendor companies. Manuscripts must be noncommercial and nonpromotional in nature; they should be educational and resourceful to Provider’s primary constituency.
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Submission Guidelines

  • Articles should not be educational about a vendor company’s specific products, technologies, or services. Rather, vendors are advised to write about industry trends or current and potential industry challenges. Industry forecasts and predictions that are backed by data and quoted expert opinion are also of interest.
  • Provider’s purpose is to give long term and post-acute care professionals practical, solutions-oriented information they can use to improve the quality of care and management in their facilities and communities. Articles should be concise and to the point. In general, contributing writers are encouraged to use examples and brief anecdotal stories to support their points.
  • The tone of Provider articles, both online and in print, is serious and helpful, though not academic.
  • Articles should run 1,000 to 1,200 words and must be written in the third person. In other words, authors should not address readers as “you,” or refer to themselves as “I” or “we.”
  • Authors are welcome to submit photos, charts, graphs, and other visuals to accompany the article, which will be used at the sole discretion of the editor.
  • Photos should be high resolution (300 dpi for a 4" x 6" photo) and accompanied by release forms for any residents or staff who appear in the photos.
  • Articles should include the author’s name, title, educational degrees, e-mail address, and phone number. Upon acceptance, the article becomes the property of Provider and is subject to copyright ownership by Provider
  • Provider editors reserve the right to refuse to publish an article. 
  • Writers are welcome to submit an outline or rough draft of the article to the managing editor for feedback. Any “pre-approval” by one editor does not guarantee that the final article will be accepted for publication.
  • Editors prefer to work with material that has not been formatted. Please do not bold or italicize any words or phrases.
  • Editors will make reasonable attempts to contact the author for review and approval of substantive changes to the article.
  • Once the article is published, authors may receive two copies of the magazine. Every attempt will be made to honor requests for additional copies.
Completed articles should be sent to Please e-mail a copy of the article as a Microsoft Word attachment.