LED Talks 2019

Provider Brings Memorable Stories To Quality Summit

  • Approaching Depression Differently

    Nursing centers today have an extremely high prevalence of depression (50-70 percent). Depression is not and should not be an inevitable consequence of skilled nursing facility (SNF) admission. Is it possible that the post-acute care sector is inadvertently making people depressed? Richard Juman, PsyD, presents a new idea and solutions to disrupt the status quo way of approaching depression.

    Richard Juman, PsyD, TeamHealth

'This session was amazing! I loved hearing from 3 different people with essentially speaking towards the same goal. Thanks :)'

–LED Talks Attendee

  • How to Save a Company: The Consulate Culture

    This is a story of one company’s courage, persistence, and innovation. It’s the story of how one severely challenged company is taking its fate by the horns and changing course in a bold, new direction. The results, which play out in Five-Star ratings, employee engagement scores, and more, speak for themselves. This is the story of Consulate Health Care. Chris Bryson, CEO, shares the top risks he had to take to turn the company around.

    Chris Bryson, Chief Executive Officer, Consulate HealthCare

'Trust instincts and remember why we started in LTC.'

–LED Talks Attendee

  • A Story of Survival

    Paradise, Calif., was anything but its name when an intense forest fire brought tragedy to the town on Nov. 8, 2018. In a combination of heat, smoke, and speed, the Camp Fire inferno killed dozens and torched most anything in its path. Jessica Johnson, then administrator of Heritage Paradise, tells the story of how the consequences of the disaster played out in real time for one SNF, and how fast-acting and determined administrators, staff, and volunteers drove residents to safety under extreme risk of peril.

    Jessica Johnson, Administrator, Riverside Convalescent

‘Not different, but the emergency fire evacuation story made me realize how critical good engagement during drills is to successfully managing a real emergency.’

–LED Talks Attendee

'Always learn many things from the Led Talks - totally worth it.’

–LED Talks Attendee

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