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 Video Series Examines Leading Edge Of Elder Care




In a new series of videos produced by Provider, Green House Project and Eden Alternative founder Bill Thomas, MD, sits down with UMBC Aging's Dean, Judah Ronch, PhD, to discuss the program’s curriculum, its impact on students, and what it means to the future of aging services.

Ronch and Thomas point to the program’s rich mix of business management, public policy, and human aging for its ability to arm both undergraduates and graduates with a depth of knowledge about aging services that prepares them as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Among other things, the two examine how graduates of the program see the world as not so eager for the change that’s needed to properly care for elders. All is not lost, however, as the two elder care veterans point out that this is, in part, the aim of UMBC Aging--to help students’ tackle such hurdles with innovative solutions and perspectives learned in the program.

In future installments of this series, Ronch and Thomas discuss the “myth of the continuum of care,” how Obamacare has given birth to better models of elder care, and what nursing homes might look like in 2061.

Stay tuned for the remaining videos and “like” us on our Facebook page to see them as soon as they are posted.   

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