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 AHCA Helping Seniors Go Digital

The American Health Care Association is working hard to help seniors prepare for 21st Century benefits, its spokesman said.

The Treasury Department will require all those who receive federal benefits to use direct deposit or a special debit card by March 1. AHCA wants the seniors who depend on federal benefits to be ready, spokesman Greg Crist said.

“As the government makes the effort to provide more seamless coverage, we have to ensure skilled nursing providers are ready with the most seamless transition possible,” Crist said in an e-mail. “AHCA is not wasting a moment in preparing members for this new electronic benefits system. With so many of our patients relying on government programs for their care, it’s imperative that we are ready.”

There remain “pitfalls,” AHCA Senior Vice President for Finance Policy and Legal Affairs Elise Smith told Healthcare Finance News. “This thing has been to some extent more complicated than we thought, but we’re not losing a minute,” she said. “Not a minute, and neither is Treasury.”

AHCA is hosting a Webinar for members to help them prepare their seniors for the transition.

The government hopes to save $1 billion over the next decade through its “Go Direct” program. Further information can be found at the program’s Web site,
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