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 AHCA Elects, Announces 2015-2016 Board of Governors at Annual Convention

San Antonio, TX-The American Health Care Association (AHCA) announced today at its annual convention election results of AHCA’s Board of Governors for the 2015-2016 term. 
The board selected as its new chair Tom Coble of Oklahoma.
“With Tom and Chris at the helm, we are excited about the future,” said AHCA/NCAL President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Parkinson. “We are proud to welcome this distinguished group of leaders to our Board of Governors.”
Coble wears many hats—independent provider and owner/operator of several managed health care plans. He is also CEO of Elmbrook Management Company. Previously Coble served as a board member of the Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Providers.  He played several roles in AHCA over the years, first as the AHCA Independent Owner Representative for three years, then as Vice Chair of the AHCA Board of Governors.
“It’s a tremendous time for our association,” Coble said at a recent press conference. “I am honored to lead our members for the next phase for long term care.”
Coble plans to extend the work of his predecessors by “marrying the work of Neil Pruitt’s Quality Program along with the payment reform effort led by Len Russ.”
AHCA’s newly-elected board members include:
·         Michael Wylie of Pennsylvania, Vi ce Chair;
·         Robin Hillier of Ohio, Secretary Treasurer;
·         Len Russ of New York, Immediate Pat Chair;
·         Steven Chies of Minnesota, Not-For-Profit Representative;
·         Phil Scalo of New Jersey, Independent Owner Representative;
·         Glenn Van Ekeren of Nebraska, Regional Multifacility Representative;
·         Paul Liistro of Connecticut, At-Large Board Representative;
·        Debbie Meade of Georgia, At-Large Board Representative;
·         David Norsworthy of Arkansas, At-Large Board Representative;
·         Greg Elliot of West Virginia, At-Large Board Representative; and
·         Phil Fogg of Oregon, At-Large Board Representative.
The three ex-officio members of the AHCA Board of Governors include:
·         Dick Herrick of New York, Affiliated State Health Care Association Representative
·         Peter Corless of Kentucky, Associate Business Member; and
·         Chris Mason of Oregon, National Center for Assisted Living Representative.
Jackie Oberst is Provider’s managing editor. Email her at joberst@providermagazine.com. Follow the magazine on Twitter @ProviderMag and @ProviderMyers.
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