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 New-Style Conference Promises Deal Making, More Discussion Time

Hersch Krohner, founder and chief executive officer of the eCap Summit to be held in Miami on Feb. 10-12, promotes the transactional event for mid-market owners and operators in the seniors living/long term and post-acute care sector as a place where conversation and social-driven activities are valued, which he says will result in more opportunities for deal making.

To keep with the intimate theme, he says attendance at this year’s summit was capped at 800 attendees, and as with last year’s event, there will be a focused group of vendors as well.

The eCap event is designed to intertwine social time and activities throughout, like the nightly entertainment and frequent gaps in the schedule for substantive relationship building, Krohner says. “Really, what drove the idea for eCap was being able to create a conference where you walk away knowing that it was really productive,” he says.

“We create a setting that’s both intimate and very targeted in focus, and you have the right mix of people in the room,” Krohner says. “It’s large, but not too large where you don’t see each other. So, at eCap you’re spending two-and-a-half days together with someone, you’re getting to know them, you’re getting the opportunity to engage them on a regular basis throughout the event.”

His experience leaves Krohner with the belief that this focus on relationship building really helps people to have more meaningful conversations. “We have golf outings, golf clinics, tennis tournaments on Monday afternoons so that people can have opportunities to get to know each other than on the golf course. We have open bars and entertainment after each meal at night,” Krohner says.

The effort to put attendees at ease results in people letting their guards down, and that is where people not only figure each other out a bit, but also open up to understand possible market opportunities. “They’re able to interact and able to schmooze, so to speak,” he says. “And, it’s much more organic, less forced, and this is all because people are enjoying themselves. I think that would be one thing that sets us apart.”

Registration for eCap as a whole is only open for owners and operators, or executives of facilities. “We can control the crowd, control the mix, control the ratio of owner-operators to vendors, and make sure that there is value for everyone at this event,” Krohner says.

The eCap Summit has no set theme per se, but the emphasis is on providing attendees with information they need to know as the long term care marketplace evolves on many fronts.

“It really is something that is more general. There is not a theme for each day. But there are experts who will speak at a high level on many issues, and benefit your business, whether it’s on your operations, your financing, your acquisitions, what’s allocated, what the landscape is, reimbursements, staffing...we’re addressing all those issues throughout the conference,” he says.

Among the speakers this year is Mark Parkinson, president and chief executive officer of the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living.

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