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 Employee Support Key in Building a Top Workplace

Investing in employees and supporting them in their careers pays back in dividends. This is the mantra of Trilogy Health Services, a long term and post-acute care provider based in Louisville, Ky. The provider was recognized as a Best Place to Work in 2020 among U.S. companies by Glassdoor on Dec. 12.  

Part of the annual Glassdoor Employees' Choice Awards, the recognition is based upon the feedback that employees have voluntarily and anonymously shared through Glassdoor throughout the year. 

“Winning employers are ones that prioritize their culture, their mission, and their employees, and we do that at Trilogy,” says Leigh Ann Barney, president and chief executive officer of Trilogy Health Services. 

The award centers around a great workplace experience, she says.  For Trilogy, a great workplace experience means supporting employees through various initiatives, such as their educational programs
“We have very extensive education assistance programming that touches on all levels of our company, from apprenticeship programs that we offer for our caregivers and culinary staff all the way to free college education through Purdue Global,” says Barney. Trilogy has other levels of support, including scholarships through its foundation and even a student loan repayment program. 

“Education has been our big focus in our efforts to attract and retain talent, and we’re seeing payoffs from that,” she says. 

Another form of employee support is Trilogy’s wage increases for hourly employees. As opposed to waiting for an annual increase, hourly employees receive a wage increase every quarter.

Recognition programs take place every month at Trilogy senior living communities and are designed to put employees in the spotlight. “The leadership team heads up recognition parties,” says Barney. “They recognize tenure and special milestones such as the birth of a baby, for example. They are meant to be a fun experience to showcase to our employees how much we appreciate them.” 

Focused on the Future

Being a company focused on growth, Trilogy will continue to grow in its markets as it has in the past, says Barney.  “We have about a two-year pipeline at any given time that we are working on,” she says. “So we know that the labor markets are tight. And as a growth company we have to grow our own.” 

That growth is already happening. Trilogy’s paid Administrator in Training program has in the past graduated about 10 individuals per year, but this year it will graduate 20 individuals.  

“These individuals will be future leaders for our campuses,” says Barney. “As we continue to grow as an organization, we need more people to come into our industry, and the best way to do that is to go out and find good people that fit our culture. Then we train them in the leadership aspect of what it takes to run a facility.” 

Investing in People

What Barney says she is most proud of however, are Trilogy’s education programs. “We made a decision years ago,” she says. “There are a lot of employers that offer a sign on bonus, but that’s really a short- term economic fix. What we wanted to do is really invest in people for the longer term.”

Trilogy’s goal is to empower employees to take responsibility for their professional and financial futures through taking advantage of the many support programs the company offers, including its multiple apprenticeship opportunities and its partnership with Purdue Global. 

“It is very rewarding to see when folks do that, and how proud they are of themselves once they’ve been given the opportunity to do something to better their lives,” says Barney.
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