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 AHCA To Launch Second Phase Of Ad Campaign

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) is set to launch round two of its “Care Not Cuts” advocacy campaign, with this phase aimed at policymakers and their staffers in the nation’s capital.

A spate of radio and television ads will begin airing on Monday, Oct. 3, says AHCA Vice President of Public Affairs Greg Crist.

“The spots will target policymakers and staff members as they return from recess this Monday,” Crist told Provider today. “We’re targeting staffers in their offices, where the TV is on all day,” he said, noting that the ads will air during the day on the major cable networks (CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC) and on Sunday morning newsmaker shows, “Face The Nation” and “Meet The Press.”

The radio spots, which follow a script similar to the television ad, will play during “drive time” on Washington, D.C.’s news stations WTOP and WAMU.

Crist says his goal is to “dominate the airwaves” with the message that post-acute care is vital to the nation’s health care system as well as its economy.

The 60-second spot, which begins with a former patient describing his experience in a skilled nursing facility, is peppered throughout with some impressive statistics about the industry.

The ad’s narrator intones, “3.2 million Americans received skilled nursing and rehab care last year; over 50 percent of Medicare beneficiaries who need post-acute care are discharged to a skilled nursing facility.”

Also slated for the campaign are “station domination” advertisements in which poster ads will be displayed on the walls and floors of D.C’s metro subway stations around Capitol Hill. The first “domination” will be in Union Station, which is a main hub for staffers working on the Senate side of Capitol Hill.

"This campaign is designed to give us maximum leverage to push our message about how patients will be affected by more cuts to Medicare and Medicaid,” Crist says, describing the strategy as a “surgical, smart buy."

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