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 Louisiana Caregiver Hailed For Heroic Efforts In Hurricane

A veteran caregiver in Louisiana is being hailed for selflessness for helping desperate evacuees, despite losing his own home in a hurricane—for the second time in a decade.

As Hurricane Isaac slammed the Gulf Coast, Curtis Sylve of Riverbend Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Belle Chasse, La., was described in local reports as “the soothing voice” helping to ease the fears of stricken evacuees.

“We’re calm, we’re going to make them calm,” Sylve told KHOU in Houston as he organized patients at Riverbend. “If we get nervous, they’re going to get nervous.”

According to KHOU, Sylve “knew all the patients by name, and, together, they have weathered many storms.”

Sylve stood his post even as his own home was lost in Isaac. But even this isn’t new: Sylve also rushed to Riverbend in 2005, when Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and destroyed his home.

Local reporters weren’t the only ones to notice Sylve’s stoic valor. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal trekked to Belle Chasse to shake Sylve’s hand and hailed the caregiver in a statewide message over the weekend.

“There are folks like a caretaker I met at the Riverbend Nursing home in Plaquemine Parish this week,” Jindal said in his message. “Seven years ago he lost his home during Hurricane Katrina, yet throughout the storm and aftermath he stayed on duty to care for the patients who needed him.

“Seven years later, he’s still working at Riverbend, and when I met with him this week he told me that he’d lost his home again due to Isaac. Yet there he was, still taking care of the folks who needed his help.”

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