Laundered, Deliverable PPE Available For Rent

Many health care facilities are taking additional steps to help protect their staff and residents. Cintas can help with its Non-Surgical Isolation Gown rental service, which includes laundering and delivery. Cintas will professionally launder, inspect for wear and tear, make necessary repairs, and replace gowns that no longer meet the company’s standards, all on a reliable delivery schedule.

Cintas industrial laundry facilities follow a unique health care hygienically clean wash process developed in conjunction with its chemical provider WSI in accordance to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Cintas TruCount technology keeps tracking and reporting of all gowns. Gowns are bundled in smaller quantities for easier distribution.

The gown is 99 percent polyester and 1 percent carbon, fluid-resistant with static dissipative woven stripe, yellow with carbon stripes and polyester white knit cuffs, and has closure ties in the back and at the neck.

These gowns meet all standards for AAMI Level 1 nonsurgical isolation gowns and are Food and Drug Administration Class I Exempt medical devices. These gowns are not recommended for use in surgical settings, or where significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected, or in a clinical setting where Level 2, 3, or 4 protection is required or warranted.

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Manufacturers Work to Fill High Demand for Antibacterial Cleaning Solutions

The demand for antibacterial cleaning supplies continues to climb in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and health care institutions are looking for effective alternatives to traditional solutions. To fill this need, Contec, an industry leader in critical cleaning products and clean room supplies, is scaling up production of its Sporicidin brand disinfectant, most often used for mold and water damage remediation, and turned to diversified global manufacturer and materials science expert Milliken & Co. to help produce mass quantities.

Since 1978, Sporicidin brand disinfectant products have been used for infection and contamination control by hospitals, medical and dental offices, veterinary clinics, and restoration professionals. The EPA-registered intermediate level disinfectant cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes, and it provides 100 percent kill of pathogenic vegetative organisms, including MRSA, VRE, and Avian Influenza A Virus (H9N2 and H1N1) with continuous residual activity for up to six months. Compatible with plastics, wood, glass, and metals, alcohol-free Sporicidin brand disinfectant is nonstaining, nonabrasive, and noncorrosive. Notably, the disinfectant carries a Category IV EPA toxicity rating, the lowest toxicity rating given to antimicrobials.

Sporicidin brand disinfectant is available in ready-to-use 32 oz. (0.65 L) spray bottles, one-gallon (3.8 L) containers, and pre-saturated wipes.

“Companies are adapting their core competencies to meet the global challenges brought on by COVID-19. Partnering with Contec was a natural fit and gave Milliken the opportunity to quickly reconfigure our manufacturing capabilities and rapidly solve problems for our customers and communities,” said Halsey Cook, president and chief executive officer of Milliken & Co.

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Affordable, Easy-to-Use Program Provides Tool to Capture, Record Health Questions

JNL Technologies, Ixonia, Wis., a manufacturer of safety and security products for the long term care industry, announces the release of the SafeHealth screening software. This tool allows companies to create an electronic screening record of anyone entering a property without the need for additional staff or the cost of additional paperwork management.

SafeHealth allows providers to create a custom set of screening questions, allowing the company to comply with any specific local requirements. Employees follow the simple prompts on a touch screen kiosk to complete the screening, and the results are recorded electronically.

SafeHealth also allows for multiple kiosks to operate together, streamlining the entry process. SafeHealth was designed to work as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with other screening tools, including JNL’s existing Quantum safety and security product line.

According to JNL President James Gleason, “The changes in the world today surrounding infection control have our customers searching for ways to screen anyone entering their buildings, and document that screening. Many feel that this is the new normal and will continue long after COVID-19 is controlled.”

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