RosieVisit Just Right for Telemedicine and Virtual Visits in SNFs

Not too much or too little -- just right for telemedicine and virtual visits in SNFs.

Rosie Connectivity Solutions (Nurse Rosie) has been developing useful and reliable solutions for the LTC industry for more than 40 years. The RosieVisit -- Rosie’s ultimate human connectivity solution -- is a compact, turnkey mobile workstation that is telemedicine-ready out of the box, enabling facilities to begin immediately offering remote visits to residents.

As a complete hardware and software solution, the RosieVisit offers the perfect balance of form, function and usability. In today’s LTC environment, some telemedicine solutions can be too much – bulky, complex carts with complicated software. Other telemedicine solutions offer too little – expecting nurses to use only a hand-held tablet to conduct a telemedicine visit is impractical and even unrealistic, especially given current infection control guidelines. The RosieVisit mobile workstation, including keyboard and medical-grade tablet with camera is sturdy, compact and easy to disinfect. The design enables nursing staff to focus conducting telemedicine visits or virtual family visits with the resident safely and efficiently.

The RosieVisit comes preloaded with free* videoconferencing applications for telemedicine encounters with LTC facility providers. It also comes with the easy-to-use, full-featured SnapMD® telemedicine application (subscription required). Facilities can also install their own applications (telemedicine, patient engagement and more!) Facilities can always use their own doctors or select a Rosie partner to access credentialed telemedicine providers.

RosieVisit can be leased or purchased, and comes with an 18-month warranty.

* WhatsApp and Skype currently approved for use for telemedicine.