Navigating Employee Turnover and Embracing Technology in Long-Term Care<p><img src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/Rosie%20110923.jpg" alt="" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><br></p><p>Employee turnover rates are cited as being the number one challenge long-term care facilities are facing. When it comes to helping facilities navigate this storm, Rosie comes with an impressive report card.&#160; With years of experience and serving a central role in the industry, Rosie has honed in on the honest challenges that the facilities are facing.&#160; Rosie took a step back and took a discerning look at what was desperately needed and then they understood, hands down, that they must deliver a solution that is simple, easy to use and one that always remains connected to the Wi-Fi (even in older, cinderblock buildings).&#160; At some of the recent industry conferences, speakers have introduced a promising solution&#58;&#160; AI-powered telemetry devices for patients, providing automated vital sign monitoring directly on their skin, reducing the need for manual data collection. While the technology is impressive and inspiring, the path to adopting machine-driven vital sign collection faces hindrances like obtaining FDA clearances, securing insurance approval, meeting CMS reimbursement criteria and the possibility of neglecting enough face-to-face time with the patient.</p><p>The government is strongly committed to improving how caregivers and residents interact, emphasizing the importance of human connection in caregiving. While AI-powered devices offer healthcare benefits, the real challenge is to keep the human touch. We must find the right balance, using technology as a tool to support caregivers rather than replacing them. It's not just about technology; it's about keeping the core values of caregiving intact. The future of caregiving depends on successfully combining technology and compassion to provide excellent care to all residents, no matter their needs. Rosie's devices don't replace caregiver-resident interaction; they work alongside caregivers to use technology and compassion for high-quality care. </p><p>New technology can be intimidating for some, and implementation of new technologies that change established workflows for staff members is a hurdle for many. Rosie has identified three tips for getting the most out of today's technological investments&#58;<br><br></p><ol><li><strong>Find a Champion&#58;</strong> Designate a tech-savvy staff member as a &quot;champion&quot; to facilitate the adaptation process. These individuals can provide guidance and support to their colleagues, helping them overcome potential challenges and build confidence in using new systems.</li><li><strong>Start with the Basics&#58;</strong> Begin with the fundamentals, ensuring that staff members are comfortable with essential tasks such as device operation, password management, and connectivity. Confidence in these basics is the foundation for adopting more advanced features.</li><li><strong>Encourage Feedback&#58;</strong> During and after training, create opportunities for users to provide feedback. By allowing staff to explore and experiment with the technology, you foster a sense of ownership and encourage them to share their insights. This collaborative approach makes staff members feel valued and empowered in the process.​<br><br></li></ol><div><span style="color&#58;#555555;">By emb</span><span style="color&#58;#555555;">racing these principles, long-term care facilities can&#160;</span><span style="color&#58;#555555;">navigate a path toward a brighter future. They emphasize the synergy between technology and a dedicated staff to enhance care quality and combat high employee turnover. Fostering a culture that embraces technology and compassion as complementary forces is key to delivering top-tier care.</span><br></div>2023-11-09T05:00:00Z<img alt="" height="740" src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/Rosie%20110923.jpg?Height=740" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />Health Information TechnologyIn the present year, long-term care facilities face significant employee turnover challenges. While promising solutions like advanced telemetry devices exist, obstacles such as regulatory approvals and staff adoption hinder progress.
5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Staffing Partner<p><a href="https&#58;//info.galehealthcaresolutions.com/5-factors-to-consider-before-hiring-a-nursing-agency" data-feathr-click-track="true" data-feathr-link-aids="[&quot;60b7cbf17788425491b2d083&quot;]" target="_blank"><img src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/Gale%20-%20October%202023-10_GHS_MC_5-factors_740_v1.png" alt="" style="margin&#58;5px;" />​</a><br>Deciding to partner with a company to help fill gaps in staffing is a big decision.<br></p><p>Maybe you've never relied on outside staffing support in the past. Or maybe you've been burned by staffing companies who over-promised and under-delivered. Whatever your situation, the fact is, not all nurse staffing companies are created equal. When considering a staffing partner, there are<strong> five key factors</strong> to keep in mind. Find a partner that can make your life easier - not create more hassles!​​<br><br></p><p><a href="https&#58;//info.galehealthcaresolutions.com/5-factors-to-consider-before-hiring-a-nursing-agency" data-feathr-click-track="true" data-feathr-link-aids="[&quot;60b7cbf17788425491b2d083&quot;]">Download the eBook.</a><br><br>Gale Healthcare provides W-2 nursing staff to meet your staffing needs. The first to introduce platform-based staffing, Gale is one of the largest healthcare staffing platforms in the country.</p><p>Our clinicians are available &quot;on-demand,&quot; and can be hired with no buy-out fee. Join thousands of healthcare providers nationwide that choose Gale.<br></p><p><br></p><p><a href="https&#58;//info.galehealthcaresolutions.com/facility-landing-page" data-feathr-click-track="true" data-feathr-link-aids="[&quot;60b7cbf17788425491b2d083&quot;]">Learn more here.</a><br><br></p>2023-10-26T04:00:00Z<img alt="" height="740" src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/Gale%20-%20October%202023-10_GHS_MC_5-factors_740_v1.png?Height=740" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />If you need temporary nursing staff, you have options. Here’s how to make the best choice for your community. Download our eBook to learn more.
From Fatigue to Fulfillment - Rosie’s Response to Burnout Challenges <p><img src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/Rosie%20Provider-Ad-740x740.jpg" alt="" style="margin&#58;5px;" />&#160;</p><p>Nursing burnout and a shortage of nurses have reached crisis levels in the healthcare industry. Across the globe, hospitals and care facilities are struggling with the challenge of providing high-quality care while facing a deteriorating workforce. During this crisis, Rosie, a healthcare technology pioneer, is stepping up with a solution that could be a game-changer for nurses and patients alike.</p><p>Rosie is generating excitement as it prepares to unveil Quantum at this year's AHCA/NCAL Convention. Quantum promises to help nurses save precious time and allocate more of their energy to providing exceptional care to residents. Rosie's mission revolves around simplifying and streamlining the caregiving process, transforming it into a seamless and efficient experience.</p><p>What sets Quantum apart is its ability to integrate a wide array of medical devices and tools into a unified connectivity platform. This innovative approach enables real-time data sharing, paving the way for quicker decision-making and enhanced coordination among healthcare teams.</p><p>Imagine nurses being able to access critical information with ease, leaving behind the administrative burdens that often lead to burnout. With Quantum's user-friendly interface, that vision becomes a reality. Nurses can focus on administering medication, closely monitoring patients, and offering crucial emotional support, all while knowing that they have instant access to the data they need.</p><p>In a healthcare system facing exhaustion and a shortage of staff, Rosie's Quantum shines as a source of optimism. By reducing nurses' workload and promoting efficient care, Quantum empowers healthcare facilities to improve the quality of care for residents. To explore the transformative potential of Quantum for yourself, get in touch with Rosie today and begin your journey toward enhanced healthcare.<br></p>2023-09-28T04:00:00Z<img alt="" height="740" src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/Rosie%20Provider-Ad-740x740.jpg?Height=740" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />WorkforceNursing burnout, fueled by long hours and emotional stress, is a critical issue. Explore how Rosie’s Quantum is tackling this issue through technology.
3 Reasons to Take a Closer Look at Your Incontinence Product Sizing <p></p><p><img src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/FQ%20AHCA%20Marketplace%20Online%20Ad%20September%202023.jpg" alt="" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><br></p><p>As a skilled nursing or assisted living facility, you put your residents' needs first. For many people in your care, this includes managing some level of incontinence. You already know that using the right size of incontinence product can help people feel more comfortable, but did you also know that it can provide other meaningful benefits to your residents, staff and business?&#160;&#160;<br></p><p>Here are 3 reasons why the right sizing matters&#58; </p><ol><li><strong>It's preventative care </strong><br><br>When residents are placed in incontinence products that don't fit properly, it can lead to changes in skin integrity, including Incontinence Associated Dermatitis – a precursor for pressure injuries. By ensuring residents are wearing the right size product, you can support their skin health and help them avoid preventable conditions that may need to be treated later. <br><br>&#160;</li><li><strong>It improves residents' quality of life </strong><strong>&#160;</strong><br><br>Incontinence doesn't just impact one aspect of an individual's life&#58; it can affect mobility, sleep, behavior and more. If a resident is wearing the wrong size product, they are more likely to experience product leakage and other issues that may negatively impact their quality of life. In contrast, using the right size product can help improve resident's overall comfort and dignity. <br><br>&#160;</li><li><strong>It can save valuable resources </strong></li></ol><p>Incontinence care is among the top spend categories for most skilled nursing facilities and a significant expense for assisted living residents. It's also time-consuming for staff. Precision sizing can help you cut down on unnecessary inventory, prevent fit-related issues and free up your staff to focus on other aspects of care. </p><p><strong>Prevail Sizing Solution delivers precise recommendations </strong></p><p>It's true that sizing is just one piece of the puzzle&#58; Finding the correct product and absorbency to address each individual's unique needs are equally important. Getting it right for every resident in your care may seem like a monumental task – but <a href="http&#58;//www.prevail.com/" data-feathr-click-track="true" data-feathr-link-aids="[&quot;60b7cbf17788425491b2d083&quot;]">Prevail</a> is here to help. </p><p>Our clinical team is specially trained to find the appropriate product, size and absorbency for each individual. While we offer in-person consultations, you don't have to wait! Our Prevail Sizing Solutions provide quick and easy support that is fully virtual and on-demand. </p><p>A trusted partner to the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, we help skilled nursing and assisted living facilities develop incontinence management systems that are easy to implement and sustain. Beyond sizing, this includes streamlining product ordering and decreasing costs with the Prevail QTool and Prevail Order Calculator. All Prevail products and services are backed by our <a href="http&#58;//www.prevail.com/enurse" data-feathr-click-track="true" data-feathr-link-aids="[&quot;60b7cbf17788425491b2d083&quot;]">eNurse</a> team, available 24/7 to confidentially answer questions about our products and general incontinence care. </p><p>When was the last time you took a close look at your incontinence product sizing? Making it a priority now is the first step in creating a simplified incontinence management system that delivers real value for your residents, your facility and your staff. </p><p><em>Michele Mongillo is a registered nurse, nursing educator and the global clinical director at First Quality, the maker of Prevail incontinence products. Learn more at </em><a href="http&#58;//www.prevail.com/" data-feathr-click-track="true" data-feathr-link-aids="[&quot;60b7cbf17788425491b2d083&quot;]"><em>www.prevail.com</em></a><em> or by visiting Booth #906 at the AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention &amp; Expo.</em></p><p><em>Prevail is a registered trademark of First Quality Products, LLC.</em><em>&#160; </em><br><em>QTool is a trademark of First Quality Products, LLC.</em><br><em>eNurse is a trademark of First Quality Products, LLC.</em><em>&#160;</em></p>2023-09-14T04:00:00Z<img alt="" src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/FQ%20AHCA%20Marketplace%20Online%20Ad%20September%202023.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />When was the last time you took a close look at your incontinence product sizing? Find out why you should make it a priority!