Using Technology as Part of a Multifactorial Approach to Falls<p><strong>​​​Furthering Our Commitment to Innovation<br></strong><br>As the nation's largest provider of contract therapy services, Select Rehabilitation has formed a strategic partnership with VirtuSense, an artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on fall and injury prevention. We are now implementing VirtuSense's industry-leading product VSTBalance – which uses AI to proactively identify fall-risks in older adults – in thousands of communities nationwide.</p><p><br><br><b>What is VSTBalance?<br><br></b>VSTBalance is an automated fall-risk assessment tool that empowers a preventative approach to care. The system uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to objectively identify deficits in balance, gait, and function—the three leading indicators of fall-risk, without intra- or inter-rater reliability issues.<br><br>This revolutionary approach to Fall Prevention has managed to reduce falls by as much as <strong>73%.<br></strong><br>To learn more about Select Rehabilitation, VirtuSense, and how Technology and AI can be used as part of a multifactorial approach to falls, <strong><a href="https&#58;//hubs.ly/H0NMtmg0">Read the white paper.</a></strong></p>2021-06-09T04:00:00Z<img alt="" src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/2020/Select%20VS%20740x740%20JPG%20@72DPI.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />Falls;TechnologyRevolutionizing fall prevention by reducing falls by as much as 73% through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), with predictive analytics based on balance and gait analysis to forecast fall risk.
How to Build COVID-19 Vaccine Trust Among Certified Nursing Assistants<p>​Informed by the voices and experiences of more than 230 direct care workers, this free guide speaks directly to concerns and challenges expressed by nursing home workers and provides key insights from social, behavioral, and cognitive science. Drawing from responses to a first-of-its-kind survey of nursing home workers, Invest in Trust outlines the most effective approaches for building trust in the COVID-19 vaccines, including actions employers can take to make it easier for workers to get vaccinated.<br><br><a href="https&#58;//www.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/nursing-home/materials/invest-in-trust-guide.pdf">DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE</a><br><br>With this guide, you will&#58;<br></p><span><ul><li>Have a better understanding of why CNAs aren’t getting vaccinated</li><li>Gain research-based insights on building vaccine trust</li><li>Learn specific actions to build vaccine confidence and reduce barriers to getting the vaccine</li><li>Discover effective messages that support building vaccine confidence in CNAs<br></li></ul><p><br>You will also find&#58;<br></p><ul><li>Strategies for increasing vaccination rates among CNAs</li><li>Scripts to guide 1-on-1 conversations about the vaccine</li><li>Downloadable posters, information cards, enamel pins and templates to support your efforts</li></ul><p></p><p></p><span><p><br>We encourage you to <a href="https&#58;//www.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/nursing-home/materials/invest-in-trust-guide.pdf">download and read it in its entirety</a>. But you may want to jump quickly to key sections, depending on your needs and interests&#58;<br></p><ul><li>To better understand why CNAs aren’t getting vaccinated, read Section 2 (page 8).</li><li>For research-based insights on building vaccine trust, read Section 3 (page 10).</li><li>For specific actions to build vaccine confidence and reduce barriers, read Section 4 (page 13).</li><li>For guidance and resources on how to have conversations with CNAs about getting vaccinated, read Section 5 (page 19).</li><li>To see effective messages that support building vaccine confidence in CNAs, read Section 6 (page 26).</li><li>For advice on how to use these messages and to access sample communications materials, read Section 7 (page 35).</li></ul><br><a href="https&#58;//www.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/nursing-home/materials/invest-in-trust-guide.pdf">DOWNLOAD NOW</a><br>​<br>The Center for Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida developed this guide for AHRQ in collaboration with Project ECHO at the University of New Mexico Health Science Center, in support of the AHRQ ECHO National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network. <a href="https&#58;//www.ahrq.gov/nursing-home/index.html">Learn more about the AHRQ ECHO National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network here​</a>.<p></p></span></span>2021-06-09T04:00:00Z<img alt="" src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/2020/ECHO-Provider-Ad.jpg?RenditionID=5" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />COVID-19;WorkforceInvest in Trust: A Guide for Building COVID-19 Vaccine Trust Among Certified Nursing Assistants is designed to help nursing homes build vaccine confidence among CNAs.
A FREE Nurse Scheduling Software, IntelyCare<p></p><p>Tired of going back and forth via phone and email, then creating a new schedule in a spreadsheet, or worse, on paper?<br><br>Organize and connect with your fulltime staff with <a href="https&#58;//www.intelycare.com/for-nursing-facilities/scheduling/?utm_source=provider-magazine&amp;utm_medium=advertising&amp;utm_campaign=scheduling-software&amp;utm_content=expanded-product-marketplace-description&amp;utm_term=scheduling-page" target="_blank">IntelyCare Scheduling</a>, a free scheduling platform that allows your staff to view their schedules, pick up shifts, and arrange for swaps with other staff members…all in one place. Our easy SMS shift alerts also allow you to text your nurses ASAP so that you have a better chance to fill your shifts internally before hiring an agency.<br><br>Need occasional per diem staff to supplement your full time staff? <a href="https&#58;//www.intelycare.com/for-nursing-facilities/staffing/?utm_source=provider-magazine&amp;utm_medium=advertising&amp;utm_campaign=staffing-software&amp;utm_content=expanded-product-marketplace-description&amp;utm_term=staffing-page" target="_blank">Our staffing platform</a> is fully integrated in cities/areas we cover.<br><br><b>Predictive<br></b>See your potential scheduling gaps before they happen, giving you more time to act before they really become a problem.<br><strong><br>Instant<br></strong>Your nurses and nursing assistants can see shifts and even swap with other staff via their cell phones as soon as you enter shifts into the system.<br><br><b>Delighted<br></b>Your staff will be happy with the freedom and flexibility. Happier staff means better patient outcomes and increased staff retention due to less nurse burnout.<br><br>So, what are you waiting for? It's time to ditch the spreadsheets and unlock better nurse scheduling. FOR FREE. <a href="https&#58;//www.intelycare.com/for-nursing-facilities/request-a-demo/?utm_source=provider-magazine&amp;utm_medium=advertising&amp;utm_campaign=scheduling-software&amp;utm_content=expanded-product-marketplace-description&amp;utm_term=demo-page" target="_blank">Learn more</a> today.</p><p>_______________________________________</p><p><strong><br>About IntelyCare<br></strong>At IntelyCare, we believe there's a better way. A better way for Healthcare Heroes to do the work they love. And for facilities to engage and find the professionals they need to fill their shifts and make sure their patients are well cared for.<br><br>We aspire to build a smarter healthcare staffing &amp; scheduling platform that gives facilities the ability to manage and automatically optimize and add staff as needed. Our app gives nursing professionals the flexibility to pick up shifts when and where they want at the pay they deserve.<br><br>By meeting the needs of healthcare facilities and nursing professionals, we're helping ensure that patients receive the world-class care they deserve.<br><br>To learn more about IntelyCare, visit us at <a href="https&#58;//www.intelycare.com/?utm_source=provider-magazine&amp;utm_medium=advertising&amp;utm_campaign=scheduling-software&amp;utm_content=expanded-product-marketplace-description&amp;utm_term=homepage" target="_blank">intelycare.com</a>.​</p>2021-05-25T04:00:00Z<img alt="" src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/2020/free-nurse-scheduling-software-provider-magazine-740x740.jpg?RenditionID=5" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />WorkforceOptimize your fulltime staff with our free scheduling platform. Your staff can view schedules, pick up shifts, and arrange for swaps with other staff members in just a few clicks.
An Advanced Antimicrobial Wound Dressing That Works Where Others Fail<p></p><p>It is estimated that every failed attempt at healing a wound costs a facility an average of $170-$681 in materials and labor alone!<sup>1</sup> Factor in the increased risks of wound deterioration and patient wellbeing and the need and benefit of healing a wound quickly and effectively becomes readily apparent.<br><br>What if you could provide your staff and patients with an easy-to-use antimicrobial foam dressing that offers exceptional results and an up to 3 day wear time? Enter DermaRite's® DermaBlue+™ Foam.&#160;<br><br>DermaBlue+ Foam combines triple action antimicrobial protection with a unique micro-pore foam that wicks exudate away from the wound and kills over 99% of bacteria within. This helps to disrupt the formation of biofilm and aids in the healing of even the most challenging chronic wounds.<br><br>How does it work? Three proven antimicrobials - Gentian Violet, Methylene Blue, and Silver Ions - embedded in the fibers of the foam work synergistically to kill over 99% of bacteria in the dressing. Not only have each of these antimicrobials been used to treat wounds for centuries, but studies have shown that the three ingredients work together to be up to <em>3 times more effective</em> than any of the ingredients alone.<sup>2<br></sup><br>Combined with an <em>Advanced Capillary Action</em> highly absorbent proprietary foam that wicks bacteria-laden exudate into the dressing and away from the wound bed, DermaBlue+ Foam&#58;​<br></p><ul><li>Provides sustained, broad spectrum antimicrobial protection for up to 3 days</li><li>Helps inhibit the growth of biofilm by absorbing exudate and killing the microbes within</li><li>Provides an optimal wound healing environment </li></ul><p><img src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/2020/DermaBlue%20Advantage.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-4" alt="" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;500px;height&#58;500px;" /><br>Best of all, DermaBlue+ Foam is easy to use and comfortable for patients. It is soft, light weight, ready to use and easy to apply. It can be cut, layered, and used for wounds with tunneling and undermining.<br><br>Available in two thicknesses and multiple sizes, DermaBlue+ Foam is the ideal wound dressing for tackling wounds before they deteriorate, or even healing chronic or challenging wounds.<br><br>Learn more about DermaBlue+ Foam and DermaBlue+ Foam Transfer at <a href="http&#58;//dermarite.com/product-category/dermablue/" target="_blank">dermarite.com/dermablue</a> or call 1-800-337-6296.<br><br>An overview of several case studies of DermaBlue+ Foam and a summary of the results can be found <a href="https&#58;//dermarite.com/case-studies-of-hard-to-heal-wounds-treated-successfully-with-an-antimicrobial-foam-dressing/" target="_blank">here</a>.<br><br><br><b>About DermaRite<br></b>DermaRite® is a leading producer of skin care, wound care, nutritional, and infection control products, devoted to improving the lives of patients and caregivers across all health care settings. Explore DermaRite's broad product line and clinical aids, including our DermaRite Academy™ e-Learning portal at <a href="https&#58;//dermarite.com/" target="_blank">dermarite.com</a><br><br><span class="ms-rteFontSize-1">References&#58; 1. Estimate based on publicly available data. 2. Li, R., Chen, J., Cesario, T. C., Wang, X., Yuan, J. S., &amp; Rentzepis, P. M. (2016). Synergistic reaction of silver nitrate, silver nanoparticles, and methylene blue against bacteria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(48), 13612–13617. https&#58;//doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1611193113 </span>​</p>2021-05-12T04:00:00Z<img alt="" src="/Marketplace/PublishingImages/2020/DermaBlue.png?RenditionID=5" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />ClinicalDermaRite’s DermaBlue+™ Foam combines three proven antimicrobial ingredients and a unique micro-pore foam that work together to heal even the most challenging wounds.