PointClickCare Technologies Inc Announces its Acquisition of Co-Pilot


PointClickCare Technologies Inc., the leader in cloud-based software technology for the senior care market, today announced its acquisitionof Co-Pilot, a robust analytics solution developed by Consonus Healthcare.  The addition of Co-Pilot’s technology will provide PointClickCare customers with expanded capabilities to optimize their performance through data analytics, ultimately resulting in higher quality outcomes, which are of critical importance in an increasingly competitive value-based care reality.​

“With the senior care market at war with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is strikingly clear that providers’ ability to access and leverage critical insights into their operations is more important than ever. This acquisition represents both an exciting and timely step forward on our vision to empower our customers with the rich, actionable insights needed to provide better care for our seniors.”
said Mike Wessinger, chief executive officer, PointClickCare

PointClickCare’s analytics portfolio provides world-class solutions for key stakeholders across the senior care spectrum, from hospital and payor decision-makers to long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) operators to caregivers in the front lines.  The integrated solution is focused on improving better patient outcomes while reducing risk, improving staff productivity and satisfaction and driving business efficiencies.

Co-Pilot brings robust analytical capabilities in important pay-for-performance areas resulting in stronger payor relationships, better operational performance and greater market share.  These capabilities, including rehospitalization insights, market share analysis, and enhanced quality measures, will be added to PointClickCare’s existing analytics portfolio products, Performance Insights and Harmony Insights. The company will commence integration work immediately, with plans to offer the enhanced features in a future release.

“The technology alignment between Co-Pilot and PointClickCare makes for a very powerful union. We are excited to leverage the new capabilities an integrated analytics solution will offer.”
said Phil Fogg, CEO, Consonus Health.​​​