Connection Aids Prevention with Vital Signs Monitor

​Hand documenting a day’s worth of rounds, vitals, weights and more is not just time consuming. It runs the risk of documentation errors, omissions and time delays that can compromise quality of care for patients and residents.

Our Vital Signs Monitor with CareConnection is the integrated solution to your documentation problems— auto-documenting data in real time and delivering clinically sophisticated alerts that identify out-of-range measurements and report potential health crises.

During Covid, there is a need for a solution to increase the ease of taking vitals because of guidelines that are now forcing facilities to take vitals more often in order to determine if residents are showing any signs and isolate the residents rapidly if signs are detected. Vital Signs Monitor with Medline CareConnection solution not only notifies the caregiver as they save the vitals if they are out of range but we also scrub the data each night to notify caregivers of subtle changes in combinations of vitals that indicate a decline in health.  Many times this report will identify early warnings signs before a resident starts showing physical signs of discomfort and/or pain.

Many Nursing Homes have limited staff members and those staff members don’t have time to sit in front of an EMR dashboard to reviews results all day.  Vital Signs Monitor with Medline CareConnection pushes the results to the caregiver, at bedside, which allows them to make a quick decision and take necessary steps to isolate any health concerns that could potentially infect others. 

Here's How it Works:
1. Caregivers take vitals using Vitals CareCart and measure weights with digital wheelchair or chair scales.

2. Caregivers review measurements on the CareHub touchscreen tablet, add optional modifiers, with information linked to the resident ID, caregiver ID and time/date stamp.

3. With one touch, caregivers send the data instantly and wirelessly to your EHR system via Medline’s secure, cloud-based software, using the secure wifi in your building.

4. CareConnection is available for PointClickCare, MatrixCare SNF, Matrixcare LPC, American Healthtech, and Cantata Health customers

Clinical Benefits
SMART Reports predictive analytics identify potential health crisis and alert decision makers via secure email

Triggers immediate care plan intervention with alerts of out-of-range conditions during vitals capture

Improves accuracy by eliminating manual charting

Saves caregiver and nursing time—5-7 minutes per vitals set

Speeds clinical information to your EHR—with the CareHub tablet there’s no more waiting to get to the kiosk or desk to access your EHR for ADL or nursing note documentation

Financial Benefits
Retain revenue by preventing unnecessary readmissions

Minimize risk associated with data entry errors

Quick and visible return on investment

Establishes your status as a quality driven innovator to attract referral partners

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