PDPM Experts that Bring Value in Coding Clinical Care and Outcomes

​​Focus on the Solution. With the current industry challenges, it is important that we don’t measure our success by what we do, but what solutions we can provide that benefit our customers.

TMC provides the following innovative solution driven services that can identify additional reimbursement opportunities under PDPM. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR PDPM WEBINARS

Coding Integrity Division:With our customers in mind, we created a specialized coding division that helps ensure reimbursement is captured for all services provided.

TMC’s Coding Integrity Division works hand and hand with nursing, therapy and other healthcare professionals. As an interdisciplinary team we support each other and work together to identify opportunities for improved coding resulting in higher reimbursement. CODING IS A TEAM SPORT CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

PAC Partnership Program: TMC’s PAC Partnership Program provides a team that helps your facility develop a strategic census development plan to show your value proposition in the market. The plan includes the use of innovative industry tools and resources that provide a comprehensive understanding of your referral sources, competitors and market opportunities.

In addition, navigating Value Based Purchasing requires a proactive team approach to provide evidence-based care resulting in improved outcomes and quality measures. These results are also used to show value in your market.

TMC is committed to partnering with you to create a census program that achieves sustainable referral partnerships. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO VIEW OUR PAC DASHBOARD

Respiratory Therapy Services:
Our Respiratory Therapy Program is designed to assist you in improving care and reducing re-hospitalizations for residents with pulmonary disease. The goal is to identify at-risk patients, apply early interventions and minimize pulmonary exacerbations. TMC offers a protocol-based program that can be tailored to meet the needs of your facility. LEARN MORE

Restorative Nursing Program:
Our Restorative Nursing Program brings several benefits under PDPM. A successful program can impact quality measures by decreasing functional decline and improving the quality of life for each resident. By partnering with TMC, facilities are also able to capture the reimbursement related to this program. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE

Visit our website at www.therapymgmt.com for more information or contact us at mailto:tmcbusinessdevelopment@therapymgmt.com​​​​