Intelligent Use of Intelligent Technology

TapestyHealthTapestryHealth has developed a proprietary platform that has enabled it to advance its unique brand of remote patient care. By using readily available and relatively inexpensive computer tablets, the company has created a simple one-touch technology that makes the typical learning curve for a skilled nursing facility nurse less than an hour.

Using this system, Tapestry clinicians and staff nurses deliver highly sophisticated, face-to-face medical care. Recently, TapestryHealth purchased the software development company that built the platform in conjunction with Tapestry’s physicians in order to ensure control over the product and the development queue. The tablet-based system includes a sophisticated stethoscope and otoscope and three hi-def cameras that allow for the most minute wound examinations.

The system is modularly built so that additional peripherals such as cardiac monitoring and bedside lab tests can be added based on the needs of each facility as dictated by its patient mix. It also integrates fully with TapestryHealth’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) system.

The RPM system uses the Tapestry platform to continually record and analyze key vital signs such as blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, glucose levels, and more. The system automatically alerts one of Tapestry’s board-certified clinicians of any variations from the patient’s baseline. The clinician can react immediately, 24/7, to alert the facility and examine and treat the patient.

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Waterproof Bandage Changes Color When New Bandage Needed

DrySeeDrySee, a medical technology company dedicated to improving wound care, introduces its patented waterproof bandage with liquid intrusion alert. Often, after procedures, doctors will recommend that patients avoid showering in order to keep a wound dry. With DrySee, patients can shower and go about their daily lives without worrying about their wound, because they will be visually alerted if any liquid penetrates the bandage.

DrySee’s bandages are waterproof, sterile, disposable, breathable, non-latex, and provide a secure covering for low-exudate wounds. If water or other liquids make their way into the bandage, the liquid-indicating gauze along the perimeter of the bandage will turn a dark blue color. Fluid from the wound site will cause the internal pad to also change color, alerting the patient that a bandage change is necessary, taking the guesswork out of replacing bandages.

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, surgical site infections occur in 2 percent to 4 percent of all patients undergoing inpatient surgical procedures, and they are the leading cause of readmissions to the hospital following surgery. DrySee bandages can last for up to three days, so patients may even be able to reduce the number of bandage changes they need to complete during recovery.

Brad Greer, chief executive officer (CEO), said, “This visual cue should help patients be more proactive with their wound care and help reduce the number of infections.”

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Industry Partnership Expands Infection Control Protection

Crest Healthcare Supply, Dassel, Minn., a supplier of medical products in the health care industry, has expanded its relationship with infection control partner, Safety Net. Crest now offers Safety Net’s electrostatic sprayers and disinfectants, which is a complete line of whole-room disinfection systems for health care facilities.

To meet health care standards and the rigorous demands for infection control, the sprayers use electrostatic technology, which provides superior spray coverage. The electrical charge creates a natural force of attraction between the droplets and targeted surface.

“Infection control and prevention has never been more important than it is today,” said Ron Romano, founder and CEO of Safety Net. The sanitization line is the ideal solution for bio­security, fighting coronavirus, MRSA, E. coli, salmonella, swine flu, C. difficile, H1N1, and various other bacteria and viruses.

“We’re excited to add these cost-effective, innovative products from our trusted partner,” said Tim Kuck, president and CEO of Crest.

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