​The challenge for palliative care providers during the COVID siege is caring for patients who are extremely frail and already physically compromised. Care-givers must ensure anyone in contact with the patient is fully garbed in mask, shield, gloves, and gown, which makes finding and acquiring an adequate stock of PPE crucial, Managing Editor Amy Mendoza reports. Another challenge has been the urgent need to offer comfort and maintain frequent conversations with distraught families, explaining the new normal as visitor restrictions are put into place.

The market for LT/PAC has shown signs of change over the course of the pandemic, but deals are still trading, says Senior Writer and Editor Patrick Connole in a special finance feature. The larger transactions seem to be largely on hold, according to one source; another has found his firm’s business to be booming in the $10 to $15 million range.

In Caregiving, Denise Winzeler, RN-BSN, offers a clear map for preparing for the fall flu season, which includes PPE supply assessment, vaccination and flu-test procurement, and education of staff on company policies and procedures for testing and isolation precautions.

“There was never any doubt that some form of convention would happen this year,” says AHCA/NCAL chief Mark Parkinson. And in fact, the 71st Convention & Expo will take place—virtually—over 24 days in October, going live Oct. 8, 15, and 22, featuring Q&As with speakers, education sessions, peer group meetings, and celebrations.

In a final feature, a Pennsylvania teenager’s closeness to her grandparents inspired her to find opportunities to connect with the older generation. What began as a card-writing campaign to local senior communities evolved into a national nonprofit organization with thousands of volunteers nationwide reaching out to LTC residents with cards, notes, and video messages.