​Leading U.S. Brand of Adult Diapers Now Stocked in Canada

NorthShore Care Supply, Green Oaks, Ill., the company behind NorthShore, a leading brand of high-absorbency adult diapers and incontinence supplies, has expanded into Canada. NorthShore has served customers in the United States for nearly two decades, focused on providing products to people of all ages managing moderate to heavy incontinence with up to three times the leak protection of leading store brands.

Direct-to-home retailers Healthwick Canada and AgeComfort, both based in Canada, have started offering a selection of NorthShore products such as the company’s signature MEGAMAX tab-style briefs with maximum absorbency, protective underwear GoSupreme, and other reassuringly strong products.

Healthwick is the first Canadian company to offer MEGAMAX diapers to consumers at the end of 2020. The company’s customer reviews of NorthShore products are consistently five stars, according to Chief Executive Officer Sean Neville.

“We partnered with Healthwick and Age Comfort to carry NorthShore products because they are leaders in Canada for the best selection of incontinence supplies,” said Adam Greenberg, president and founder of NorthShore. “They also provide excellent customer service, quality products, and discreet delivery, which mirrors our own values.”

For more information: Visit www.NorthShore.com.

Partnership Simplifies Hiring Processes, Reduces Time-to-Hire

OnShift, a leader in human capital management software for post-acute and senior living, has partnered with First Advantage, a global leader in background check and drug-screening solutions. With this new partnership, OnShift clients gain seamless access to best-in-class background check services directly from the OnShift Employ talent acquisition system, speeding time-to-hire and providing streamlined candidate and recruiter experiences.

Through this partnership, OnShift Employ clients can easily configure screening solutions to their unique requirements and receive accurate, real-time background and drug-screening information through a certified integration. By automating this critical step, health care providers reduce screening errors and gain a competitive edge through faster and more efficient hiring.

With 48 percent of job candidates citing that their background check has an impact on how favorably they view an employer, it’s critical for health care providers to prioritize the candidate experience within the hiring process. With this integrated solution, OnShift clients gain a seamless background screening experience for both candidates and recruiters. By electronically capturing and digitizing candidate information, while using advanced artificial intelligence to enhance data validation, First Advantage reduces data input inaccuracies. This experience is enhanced with a professional, branded website that is customizable, multilingual, and mobile-friendly for added convenience.

With OnShift Employ, health care providers source, recruit, screen, hire, and onboard candidates with lightning-fast efficiencies to create a streamlined candidate and recruiter experience. OnShift Employ has proven to be a differentiator in helping organizations find top candidates and seamlessly manage the entire hiring life cycle from an easy-to-use talent acquisition system.

For more information: Visit www.onshift.com.

More Compact Foldable Rollator Added to Mobility Line

DeVilbissDrive DeVilbiss Healthcare, Port Washington, N.Y., has added the Foldable Rollator to its product line.

The Foldable Rollator features a smaller carton size and durable steel frame that supports up to 350 pounds. The arms are height-adjustable from 31 to 37 inches, and the padded seat and backrest allow the user to remain comfortable and supported while sitting.

The rollator assembles tool-free and folds compactly  for quick and easy transport and storage. Other features include an under-seat storage pouch, ergonomic handgrip with easy-to-use loop lock brakes, and six-inch wheels with soft-grip tires for indoor and outdoor use.

“The Foldable Rollator offers all of the same great features and benefits as our current lineup of rollators. A reduced carton size allows our customers to optimize their storage space and increase the loading quantity in a truck or container,” said Elizabeth Natale, product manager of walkers and rollators.

For more information: Visit www.drivemedical.com.