Labels Make Organization Easier, Items Returned

Labels to Last helps senior care facilities and families organize a loved one’s move into an assisted living apartment or nursing care center. The company understands that personal belongings are a great comfort, and the labels are made to stay put and to stop personal keepsakes, necessary objects, and laundry from being lost. 

Labels to LastLabels to Last offers waterproof, freezer-friendly, laundry- and microwave-safe iron-on labels for everyday life. Perfect for nursing facilities, senior care residents can choose press-and-stick for quick labeling of garments with care tags or iron-on labels for a permanent option. The clothing labels are offered in a variety of colors and designs.

Labels to Last is committed to preserving the environment and creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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Mobile Imaging Services Move Portable Health Care Forward

PDI Health maximizes a facility’s infrastructure and prioritizes quality of care with next-generation digital imaging technology and board-certified radiologists. The company challenges the industry with faster responses, better technology, and superior medical expertise.

PDI Health provides on-site services for long term care facilities, retirement communities, private residences, and more. This partnership helps to save costs, reduce hospitializations, and streamline patient care with portable technology. Portable imaging reduces stress with bedside service and enables residents to remain on the premises.

PDI Health’s superior mobile imaging services utilize the latest technology, making them fast and accurate. The innovative technology keeps exams short for patient comfort, yields high-quality data-rich images, and integrates with the facility’s electronic medical record.

The technologists and radiologists work in tandem to deliver hospital-quality reports with exceptional turnaround times. The experts are board-certified and nationally registered, provide HIPAA-compliant reports, and are available 24 hours/7 days a week. 

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Software Company Offers Simple Solutions for Recruiting, Onboarding, Credentialing

Apploi is a single source of truth for documentation, designed for health care organizations. It makes managing credentials, automating notifications, digitizing documentation, and safely storing files easier. It allows tracking licenses and vaccinations in one place. It quickly alerts staff to out-of-date credentials, monitors staff readiness and finds documentation, and protects sensitive data on an encrypted platform.

From recruitment all the way to managing credentials, Apploi is committed to streamlining the human resources hiring process. The Apploi platform combines powerful automation with ease-of-use to help source, attract, and convert candidates. Working with more than 4,000 facilities across the United States, Apploi is a premier candidate management system for health care.

Apploi quickly captures more qualified candidates by optimizing visibility with its mobile-perfect branded job postings and career pages. It easily moves applicants through the hiring process and painlessly digitizes employee management by knowing what documentation is missing and what is needed to improve compliance.

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​​​Undergarment Disposal Bags Offer Cleanest Environment Possible

Hippo SakHippo Sak Undergarment Disposal Bags are the perfect way to dispose of incontinence products discreetly and sanitarily in facilities, at home, or on the go. These bags easily fit adult undergarments, pads, and other personal hygiene items. 

The bags come with an easy-to-mount and -use compact dispenser. The compact dispenser can be placed in a cabinet or in a drawer for convenient dispensing and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Hippo Sak helps to offer the cleanest environment possible to facilities. The bags help to reduce health care-acquired infections and the spread of bacterial pathogens.

All products are manufactured in the United States.

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