Digital Health Technology Supports Quality, Safety of Continence Care

Essity, a global hygiene and health company and maker of TENA incontinence and skin care products, has begun a pilot program of its TENA SmartCare Change Indicator, a new digital health technology that reduces the need for manual checks of incontinence products through a digital sensor linked to a smartphone app.

The innovative solution notifies caregivers via smartphone when they should consider changing TENA absorbent products for the people they are caring for. In doing so, the technology aims to help caregivers provide higher-quality, more individualized and efficient continence care, while improving the safety, well-being, and experience of residents and loved ones.

The TENA SmartCare Change Indictor is a reusable sensor that can be easily attached to the outside of select TENA absorbent product to digitally track the degree of urine saturation. When it is time to consider changing the product, caregivers are notified in real time through the TENA SmartCare Professional Care or Family Care app on their smartphone.

The technology also minimizes the need for individuals to communicate to their caregivers that their incontinence product needs changing. This is especially useful if changes need to happen overnight or when communication is not possible. Overall, these benefits help improve the quality of continence care by helping to reduce the risk of undignified leakages and prolonged skin exposure to urine, which can lead to other health risk factors. 

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Company offers Reduction Capability, WiFi/App-Enabled Enhancements

AG900 clean room air purifierAirgle, Holbrook, N.Y., a provider of air purification systems, has announced testing data results for the AG900 clean room air purifier, revealing up to 99.999 percent virus reduction capabilities. This impressive new testing data coincides with the announcement of Airgle’s WiFi and App enhancements for the AG600 and AG900, making clean air technology more effective and convenient for all.

Airgle’s flagship model, the AG900, was specifically engineered to help with airborne infection control at hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities. It is able to remove bacteria and virus pollutants and harmful particles down to 0.003 microns.

“In every test so far, Airgle has exceeded testing equipment sensitivity, meaning it is quite possible that our products deliver even higher air filtration capability,” said Ralph Rathburn, vice president of Airgle. “Now more than ever, it is important for businesses, resorts, and retailers to actively clean the air that they and their customers breathe; Airgle products are a great way to do this.”

The AG900 and theAG600, which has the same technology and is designed to clean small-medium size rooms, safely removing harmful particles down to 0.003 microns, will now include WiFi and App-enabled capabilities. These enhancements will make it possible to control hundreds of units from one convenient account.

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Modern, Mobile, Contactless Solution Eliminates Need for Expensive Timeclocks

OnShift has announced OnShift Time, the latest addition to its market-leading human capital management platform.

With this next-generation time and attendance software, post-acute care and senior living providers will have the ability to dramatically reduce costs by eliminating the need for timeclocks while improving the safety of their communities with a contactless solution designed to protect against COVID-19.

OnShift Time utilizes state-of-the-art facial recognition biometric technology, which makes punching in as simple as taking a selfie. Delivering an easy and convenient experience, employees can punch in or out from their mobile device, a centralized tablet, or a combination of both.

OnShift Time, together with OnShift’s scheduling and employee engagement solutions, create a powerful best-in-class workforce management solution purpose-built for health care.

“Traditional approaches to workforce management are no longer effective. OnShift Time replaces expensive, old-school strategies with a fresh, innovative, streamlined solution that engages employees while improving the bottom line,” said Mark Woodka, chief executive officer (CEO), OnShift.

In a recent market research survey of health care professionals, 65 percent of respondents indicated fear and safety concerns due to COVID-19 as one of the most critical challenges facing employees. OnShift Time helps alleviate these concerns by providing a contactless experience as well as pre-screening COVID-19 questionnaires for added infection prevention.

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Manufacturer Offers LTC Bed with Extensive Accommodations

P750 Prime Plus Care BedDrive DeVilbiss Healthcare has added the P750 Prime Plus Care Bed to its premium line of beds and bedding products for long term care facilities. Equipped with a wide selection of features and capable of supporting up to 750 pounds, this bed will help reduce patient falls and staff injuries.

The integrated, push-button width expansion allows the caregiver to adjust the bed from 39 to 48 inches to accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes, and the integrated length expansion easily accommodates taller patients by expanding the length from 80 to 88 inches.

The P750 also features a dual-pedal floor lock system, under-mount LED lighting, handheld backlit pendant control with auto-contour and cardiac comfort chair, synchronized hi/lo motors, adjustable wall bumper, and the capability to roll easily at any height. The bed travel range allows it to be positioned 11 inches to 30 inches off of the floor for easy and comfortable transfers.

The bed, which can adjust to accommodate various patient positioning needs, also has a variety of options including two headboard and footboard styles and three finishes to compliment facility décor.

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Monitoring System Available for Use in LTC Facilities During COVID-19

Smart Meter, a diabetes management data, technology, and solutions company, said that as a result of recent U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) guidance, iGlucose meters can now be used for individual patients to help reduce infection risk and enable remote patient monitoring (RPM) in long term care facilities during COVID.

The new guidance, Enforcement Policy for Non-Invasive Remote Monitoring Devices Used to Support Patient Monitoring During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency, was issued by the FDA to provide a policy to help expand the availability and capability of non-invasive remote monitoring devices to facilitate patient monitoring while reducing patient and health care provider contact and exposure to COVID-19.

Smart Meter’s iGlucose solution provides seamless connectivity to caregivers for RPM. Utilizing the iGlucose platform, blood glucose results and the data are immediately transmitted via AT&T’s vast cellular network to a designated health care provider. The real-time data and ability to communicate with caregivers provides clinicians with an active feedback loop, enabling better, up-to-date recommendations that can help improve patient outcomes.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), older adults and people living with diabetes have much higher rates of serious complications and death from COVID-19.

“Given that over 30 percent of long term care residents have diabetes, it is no surprise that we received numerous requests from facilities wanting to use dedicated iGlucose cellular connected meters to reduce infection risk and to keep pace with the shift to remote patient care,” said Brahim Zabeli, Smart Meter CEO. “We are grateful the FDA is allowing the use of home-type meters in long-term care settings during COVID where professional clinical staff may assist a patient in performing a glucose test when needed or requested.”

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