FDA-cleared Device Rapidly Processes N95 Masks for Reuse

Calumeo, Morgan Hill, Calif., a privately held medical device company dedicated to protecting frontline health care professionals, has announced that Calumeo Clean, its point-of-care solution to process N95 masks for reuse, is now available in the United States. N95s are considered the most reliable masks to protect health care workers against viruses but were intended only to be used once per clinician and per patient.

Calumeo Clean, a compact device that easily fits on a countertop, uses dry heat to safely and effectively process N95 masks for reuse, without the use of toxic chemicals.

The FDA has cleared dry heat-driven devices, including Calumeo Clean, to support the reuse of personal protective equipment such as N95 respirators. With the simple push of a button, health care workers get their personal mask back in just over an hour, and they can process it for use up to five times or an entire clinical week. The device processes up to six masks at a time.

“N95 masks are here to stay to protect health care workers from different strains and other potential diseases,” said Niki Panich, MD, co-founder and chief executive officer of Calumeo.

For more information: Visit www.calumeo.com.

New Chair Designs Offer Seating Solutions for Dining, Activity Rooms, Public Seating Areas

H Contract, Martinsville, Va., a supplier of upholstered seating and case goods, is expanding its successful senior living-focused dining chair line. Eight new chairs that combine residential style with commercial functionality bring the Hooker Furnishings division’s dining chair portfolio to more than 35 product options.

Offering a mix of modern and traditional looks, the new chairs complement the company’s line of upholstered seating and case goods, offering commercial interior designers with seating solutions for a variety of senior living spaces.

Highlights of the new styles include the Dalton and Joelle chairs. Dalton, which features a gently curved back with a unique cut-out and modern exposed wood arms, offers an updated and polished look. Offering classic styling with a rectangular back and upholstered back panel, the Joelle chair transitions from dining room use to an occasional chair with ease.

To help keep residents safe and furniture looking its best during the COVID-19 pandemic, H Contract has developed a care and maintenance guide that provides its contract partners with information on best practices for properly cleaning and disinfecting its wood furniture products, including its dining chair portfolio.

For more information: Visit hcontractfurniture.com.

Virtual Travel Platform Offers Real-time Interaction with Tour Guides

Beeyonder is a virtual travel platform offering global experiences in more than 47 countries online in real time or on demand. Designed especially for individuals with conditions that prevent or inhibit their ability to travel, Beeyonder also transports families, friends, classrooms, and other groups via guided tours, cooking classes, art workshops, music lessons, and more.

Over 350 live and prerecorded global experiences are available, from wandering through ancient Rome’s ruins and a portrait session with a Parisian artist, to preparing green curry with a Thai chef and learning guitar with a Spanish musician.

Founded by Boston-based entrepreneur Brittany Palmer, Beeyonder ensures memorable experiences by carefully vetting guides, providing real-time interaction, offering secure payments, and rewarding users for their adventures.

Unlike other travel platforms offering virtual experiences, Beeyonder offers browsing by seasonal trends, specific countries, tour operator or guide, group size, and topic. Real-time interaction with travel guides and hosts enhances the experiences. Small group size, up to 25, ensures everyone participating can engage in a live stream.

A one-stop destination for consumers looking for virtual experiences, the site also offers opportunities to earn badges and discounts for leaving reviews of purchased experiences.

“As a bilateral amputee myself, I’m uniquely aware of the challenges that those with disabilities can face when it comes to traveling. We’ve developed Beeyonder for the 40 million-plus Americans that want to travel but can’t or have limitations due to a disability or other condition,” said Palmer.

For more information: Visit www.beeyonder.com. ​