​Ready-to-drink Beverages Provide Refreshing, Reliable Hydration for People With Dysphagia

Staying properly hydrated during the heat and humidity of summer can be challenging for almost anyone, especially the 590 million people worldwide with dysphagia.

Thick ItTo promote hydration for patients with dysphagia who often follow a diet of modified food textures and thickened liquids, the Thick-It® brand is introducing Clear Advantage® Plus Electrolytes Thickened Beverages.

Sold in packs of 24, these 8 fluid ounce bottles are pre-mixed with essential electrolytes to provide satisfying hydration and help the body function at its best.

Clear Advantage® Plus Electrolytes Thickened Beverages are the latest in the Thick-It® line of xanthan-based, ready-to-drink beverages. Pre-thickened to an IDDSI Level 2 Mildly Thick (nectar) consistency, the single-serve, resealable bottles are convenient for use at home or on the go—no measuring or mixing required. They are also available in refreshing grape and fruit punch flavors to bring new variety to the dysphagia diet.

For more information: Visit thickit.com.

Wood Furniture Comprehensive Care, Maintenance Guide Available

In response to rising concerns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, H Contract, Martinsville, Va., a supplier of upholstered seating and case goods, has issued a guide that provides its contract partners with information on best practices for properly cleaning and disinfecting its wood furniture products.

The guide, which can be found on the company’s website, is based on an independent lab study conducted for H Contract that evaluated several cleaning products and their effect when used on wood surfaces.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most common mode of transmission for the coronavirus is airborne through close proximity to people. However, lab studies have shown that the virus can also be contracted by encountering infected surfaces, especially frequently touched items in public spaces.

The H Contract guide provides recommended cleaning products and easy-to-follow instructions on how to keep wood furniture clean, disinfected, and looking its best based on the lab’s rigorous testing.

The guide also details how to determine commonly touched surfaces and the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and provides extensive instructions on how to properly use these cleaners in tandem with other cleaning accessories for optimal results.

“After receiving numerous questions and concerns from the contract industry, we engaged with an independent lab to conduct tests and developed our care and maintenance guide to help answer these questions,” said Mark Craven, vice president of sales and merchandising for H Contract.

For more information: Visit hcontractfurniture.com.

Plug-in Airborne Virus Detector Alerts When Viruses are Found  

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, new variants and other viruses, Opteev, a personal health safety and virus-screening technology company, has launched ViraWarn™, the first-ever plug-in screening device for detecting airborne COVID-19 particles in indoor spaces. Unlike typical COVID-19 tests for humans that require a biological sample such as a nose swab to test, ViraWarn is an infection prevention technology that uses breakthrough biosensing technology to actively screen air within indoor spaces and immediately alerts occupants when COVID-19 or other coronaviruses, such as the flu, are sensed.

ViraWarnLike a smoke detector monitoring the air for smoke, ViraWarn monitors the air and immediately alerts when coronavirus particles are detected. The patented sensor technology focuses on the unique electrochemistry of spiked protein viruses to trigger an alert.

ViraWarn modules are plugged into the electrical sockets located around the periphery of the room to provide blanket screening protection across the entire space. ViraWarn quickly detects airborne coronaviruses within minutes of them being introduced by infected individuals.  

ViraWarn has been successfully tested throughout the recent COVID-19 crisis in lab settings, and its efficacy has been proven in real-world, in-person use cases.

For more information: Visit www.opteev.com.