I love reading. Even though I read a lot for work, I read a wide variety of books in my spare time as well. I am always open to learning something new, whether it be about relationships, business, science, or travel.

In this issue of Provider, we help you learn something new about resilience. Organizations need to be flexible when planning a smooth supply chain. Weaving diversity, equity, and inclusion into your company increases the variety of perspectives and possible solutions, boosting resilience. Emergency preparedness requires flexibility and agility to face an unknown situation and apply the right plan.

Having experienced a severely snarled supply chain during the pandemic, organizations are planning better solutions than just stockpiling needed items. Creating coalitions with other organizations can also help manage difficulties. Leaders also need to be aware that shortages of one item can flip overnight to a shortage in another area.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are top-of-mind for many leaders. While it may seem that your company is diverse, are those DEI principles reflected at all levels of the company and across all programs and areas? If you are succeeding in creating diversity, are you also as successful with equity and inclusion?

An emergency situation can arise at a moment’s notice: natural disasters, an active shooter, a power outage, and more. While plans are needed to respond initially to an emergency, those plans should also extend to recovery and restoration. Your plans must be communicated well and take into consideration employees and their families.

This edition of Provider is also the convention issue. Be sure to read about all the exciting things we have planned for the 73rd AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo in Nashville, TN, October 9-12, 2022. With 100+ educational sessions, an innovative Expo Hall, inspiring speakers, and networking opportunities, there is something for everyone to learn.

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