Integration Between Companies Provides Benefits for Use

RedSail Technologies, LLC, developer of Axys, is proud to announce the launch of its integration with American HealthTech, a leading electronic health record (EHR) provider to post-acute and senior living organizations of all sizes.

With interoperability over paper-based systems and standard interfaces, providers may eliminate waste, reduce labor for handling orders, reduce potential for error, and automate refills. This collaboration with American HealthTech is a win for pharmacists, care teams, and most importantly residents – with more accurate and on-time drug delivery. The increased efficiency and elimination of manual data entry will benefit skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and residential facilities. Increased automation will also decrease adverse drug events (ADEs).

Now with interoperability between American HealthTech and Axys, providers can minimize data entry errors, boost accuracy, and gain an incremental step toward addressing ADEs.

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New Service Category May Function as Medical Ecosystem in SNF

Tapestry has formalized a brand-new service category that is critical to the efficient and effective delivery of care in post-acute facilities. The category, known as Proactive Care Technology (PCT), pairs traditional hands-on care provided by a physician or nurse practitioner and the care services traditionally associated with skilled nursing, along with the most advanced technology to exponentially improve the level of care being provided.

While many skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) offer one or two of the individual clinical elements offered by Tapestry, it is the coordination of their legacy services with today’s most advanced technology that make PCT proactive, and that is the game changer.

Tapestry’s technology bundles all the elements of a PCT program and could easily function as the entire medical ecosystem in a SNF of any size. But Tapestry also allows facilities to add only the services they are not already providing, making the product fully customizable by any facility. Tapestry’s proprietary platform is key to the service because it can integrate whatever legacy systems and processes that already exist in a SNF with the additional services they need.

Powerful new tools like artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, radar, or radiowave continual patient monitoring, round out a complete Proactive Care Technology package that actually allows facilities to see potential infectious outbreaks and other life-threatening conditions before symptoms even present. The SNF instantly elevates their level of care, and all the services, both old and new, are integrated into one easily managed system.

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Referral Management SaaS Platform Streamlines Admissions Process in Post-Acute Care Continuum

pac-IQ®, a software company founded by clinicians who saw the need for a dynamic shift in technologies to support the admissions process in the post-acute care industry, has launched Referral-IQ, a comprehensive referral management SaaS platform that will significantly change the process and dramatically reduce the time it takes for a post-acute care facility to determine their acceptance of a patient from an acute care facility.

Referral-IQ analyzes the patient’s clinical documentation to the facility’s standards and what barriers, if any, there would be to admission to that facility. Based on the facility’s information that is pre-entered into the system, the software can determine if placement at an alternate facility is more appropriate based on the clinical information provided.

Thanks to the time savings when using Referral-IQ, post-acute facilities will be able to accept information about more patients and process that information faster, leaving more time for patient interaction and care.
Referral-IQ is the brainchild of Adam Tobbe and Lee Jones, both registered nurses with a long history in the post-acute care industry.  

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