Technology Augments Community’s Nighttime Safety Checks 

Every second of every day, more than 86,000 older Americans suffer a fall, with 65 percent of falls happening between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. At senior care communities, nighttime falls are nearly impossible to monitor, prevent, and understand because caregivers don’t have constant insight into resident behavior and sleep disruptions. To deliver a clearer picture of resident risk during these vulnerable nighttime hours, SafelyYou, the leader in empowering safer, more person-centered dementia care through real-time AI video technology and 24/7 remote clinical experts, has launched its newest product, SafelyYou Aware™.

SafelyYou Aware™ provides hourly video safety checks during the hours when the majority of falls occur and uncovers unprecedented new insight into sleep patterns and disruptions for senior living communities. In fact, SafelyYou video data shows that, on average, residents are awake or are not in their rooms up to 30 percent of the night, which could affect many facets of their overall well-being and care. These valuable new insights will empower caregivers to target specific problems and create new interventions that transform clinical care in their communities. 

The SafelyYou remote team reviews one minute of video per hour to assess residents’ environments for risk, and if a safety issue is found, the on-site care team is notified. The video can then be reviewed through SafelyYou Discover™, the secure web portal. If no safety issue is found, the video is immediately discarded to maintain resident privacy. 

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Online Marketplace Launches to Match Seniors, Communities

The new Chicago-based Referah is an online marketplace, funded exclusively by investors from within the senior living industry and backed by the most modern search tools, connecting families with senior living communities.

Referah has been crafted and engineered to not just generate leads but to create relationships. The goal is to cut away the confusion and clutter of senior living searches by employing more and better input. By including social interests, health, finances, and other factors in a manner that, in some ways, mimics searches conducted on dating apps, Referah matches the personalities of communities with prospective residents. Those seeking information on senior living communities incur no charges for the services.

Referah harnesses the power of today’s technology and is poised to transform the senior living referral process, making it a “one stop, one click” process that will ease the anxiety of those seeking advice and counsel for the first time. The company’s initial rollout is nationwide, using a combined membership-based fee structure and drastically reduced move-in fee, with impressive prelaunch subscribership that continues to rapidly grow. 

“With more than 10,000 Baby Boomers achieving retirement age every day in America, the demand for senior and assisted living communities is facing a strong growth period,” said Lesley Durkan, president and chief executive officer.

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Unique​, Easy-to-Use Defibrillator, Usable by Everyone

LifeazLifeaz has a simple mission: giving families and companies the power to act and save a life in case of cardiac arrest. Based on a technology that was, until now, only available in the public sphere, the Lifeaz defibrillator is a compact, lightweight, and transportable device that can be installed at home, where most cardiac arrests occur, or at work, or even carried in a backpack. 

In the United States, more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital. According to the American Heart Association, they occur most often in homes/residences, followed by public settings. Unfortunately, less than half of those experiencing a cardiac arrest get the immediate help they need before professional medical assistance arrives.

Lifeaz developed a unique, easy-to-use defibrillator, usable by everyone, even without prior training. It guides the user every step of the way and automatically decides the therapy to deliver. 

Lifeaz ensures remote performance monitoring and maintenance. Thanks to the connectivity of the defibrillator, Lifeaz continuously supervises the status of the defibrillators and will alert you if maintenance is necessary or the battery and/or electrodes need to be replaced. The goal is to ensure that all Lifeaz defibrillators are operational at any time in case of need. 

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