Flex Connects Two Platforms to Solve Health Care Staffing Challenges

As the workforce crisis continues in health care and front-line workers prefer to work in a flexible environment, the health care industry has struggled to find an effective workforce management solution.

For this reason, Charles Mann, Accushield founder and a former senior living community operator, and Curtis Khan, BookJane founder and a staffing agency founder, have developed a fully integrated mobile-first solution to address staffing shortages, agency transparency, and high turnover in senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and other health care organizations. Mann and Khan’s combined experiences and diverse perspectives brought them together to create Flex, the first kiosk-based workforce scheduling solution designed to provide flexibility, personal autonomy, and balance in the changing health care landscape.

Flex combines a top workforce scheduling platform with the industry’s leading kiosk-based sign-in and entry management system for visitors, staff, and third-party health care providers. The collaboration will provide long term care providers with a simple and unique alternative to traditional management of staff scheduling, call-outs, and time and attendance tracking.

Launching under the Accushield brand, Flex offers automatic shift fulfillment; instant call-out alerts to fill urgent shifts; use of the Accushield kiosk for internal and agency staff to clock in and out; a single dashboard that builds, manages, and accesses schedules; instant communication with the entire staff; and more.

Combining these two successful platforms streamlines multiple staffing functions into one solution. Built on a cloud-based platform, Flex allows users to create and post open shifts in minutes so that staff, who are notified immediately, can respond through the Flex mobile app. Employees at nearby partner locations can also be notified about open shifts in case extra help is needed outside the core internal team.

For more information, visit www.accushield.com/solutions/flex.

New Financing Fuels Nationwide Launch, Team Expansion for CareWork

Digital health startup CareWork has announced the nationwide availability of the CareWork platform. The company closed on $1.5 million raised in seed funding led by digital health investor Valor Ventures. The infusion of capital will fuel the expansion of the platform and customer growth.

Over the past several years, there has been a paradigm shift in how long term care and senior living organizations view technology. Operators struggle to operate efficiently amid increased regulatory requirements and oversight, intense staffing shortages, and sharp drops in revenue. Long term care and senior living organizations need to do more with fewer resources.  

Through its comprehensive, integrated, and easy-to-use platform, CareWork empowers providers to do more with less and work quickly, efficiently, and with more insight.  
CareWork’s vision is to provide a platform that is so easy to use it becomes the home base for all senior living and long term care organizations, where duplicate work iseliminated and the advancement of the long term care ecosystem through innovation, advocacy, and value is championed.

For more information, visit www.mycarework.com.

CareAcademy Acquires a Learning Platform for Certified Nursing Assistants

CareAcademy, a care enablement platform for home care and home health organizations, has announced it has completed the strategic acquisition of assets from NextStep, an innovative digital health care training and job placement company for certified nursing assistants (CNAs). CareAcademy will acquire NextStep’s video-based content and learning management technology to expand its footprint as the training solution of choice across the caregiver ecosystem.

With this acquisition, CareAcademy is strengthening its offerings to create amazing opportunities for new and existing health care workers to level up and become CNAs, a nationally recognized and transferable health care worker role. With this new certification training solution, health care facilities can more readily recruit and retain top talent, while workers can advance their skills and deliver optimal, quality care.

CareAcademy’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a caregiver-centric health care system by empowering caregivers to provide the best care possible.

For more information, visit careacademy.com.​