Companies Partner to Streamline, Enhance Medical Director Roles

American Senior Communities has partnered with CARE-ASCEND to streamline the medical director administrative role. The smartphone-based solution formalizes the tracking of all tasks medical directors perform and addresses critical compliance risks inherent in the medical director relationship.

By digitally capturing medical director tasks, the CAREASCEND App will also address the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ requirements to report medical director work logs under the
Payroll-Based Journal rules and work to achieve compliance at all times in financial transactions.

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EvaClean Infection Prevention Solutions Receives EPA Approval of Updated Master Label

Recently, concerns over a dramatic increase in Candida auris (C. auris) infections have arisen in health care facilities. An even greater concern is that this fungus can form biofilms, which allow it to persist in the environment and be more resistant to common disinfectants.

When EvaClean Infection Prevention Solutions introduced PurOne, it was the first disinfectant to be United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered against dry surface biofilm, which only a handful of products can claim to date. Now, the EPA has approved its updated master label to include a soft surface
sanitizer claim, shorter dwell times, and an official C. auris claim, making PurOne among the few products registered as effective against both biofilm and C. auris on List P.

Another important upgrade to the new label is considerably faster contact times for more than 40 different bacteria, viruses, and fungi, most achieved at lower concentrations. For instance, influenza can be eliminated in just two minutes using a 1,076 parts per million (ppm) dilution. In addition, PurOne now has an enhanced emerging viral pathogen claim, having proven effective against small non-enveloped pathogens at a lower 2,153 ppm concentration.

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Tech Promotes Caregiver Peace of Mind, Empowers Aging-in-Place   

What started as a personal need for a wife and mother diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease has now developed into BoundaryCare, an innovative way to foster aging-in-place and independence for vulnerable and older adults.

BoundaryCare is an app for the Apple Watch. Specially adapted for the needs of seniors, it silently gathers information about safety and wellness, sharing these data with caregivers when necessary. BoundaryCare can detect falls (and note the location of the fall); recognize wandering events; monitor heart rate, A-fib, oxygen saturation, cardio fitness, and sleep tracking; and promote independence, with direct phone calling to and from the watch as well as charging reminders. BoundaryCare goes well beyond the health and fitness data native to the Apple Watch by proactively sharing lifesaving information
with caregivers.

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Powerful Enhancements Revolutionize Senior Care Referral Decisions

LincWare, a consulting group for the senior care industry, has announced a series of enhancements to its flagship solution, ReferralPlus. These advancements are designed to empower organizations to take advantage of centralized processing capabilities, enabling faster, more accurate, referral decisions and helping address the growing challenges faced by skilled nursing customers.

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Company Enters Next Phase Focused on Strategic Partnerships, National Expansion

Professional Health Care Network (PHCN) unveiled its new brand strategy via a new name—tango.

Over the past year, tango has continued to accelerate growth by entering several new geographies and strategic relationships and enhancing its care enablement capabilities and capacity through significant investments in product innovation and delivery.

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