​Often big events that happen in our lives open new chapters, such as getting married, having a child, or starting a new job. Other events may close a chapter, such as graduating school, a divorce, or retirement. Sometimes we don’t need a big event to embark on a new phase. For example, you might decide to become healthier and start to exercise more and eat more vegetables.

This issue of Provider highlights the large and small ways that we move into new chapters in life, whether it be work or personal.

The shortage of qualified workers continues to affect everyone in the industry. International recruiting and hiring of nurses and aides can be a new tool for filling open positions. The nurses coming from abroad must be supported and welcomed to the new phase in their career of working in the United States.

Technology promises to change the way we work and play with each new innovation. Keeping up with the trends is important but making sure the tech fits your needs and is implemented by staff is even more critical. The ideal is that each new technology adopted will unlock a new era of productivity.

Providers are constantly evaluating the wants and needs of residents and prospective customers. Ancillary services, such as dialysis or podiatry, have been offered for years, however, new technology, specialized services, and better integration with providers can set your facility apart with the right mix of services at the right time.

Mark Parkinson, president and CEO of AHCA/NCAL for almost 14 years, is stepping into his next chapter at the end of this year: retirement. We spoke with him about his focus on mission and metrics at AHCA/NCAL and how that sets the industry up for success even after his departure.

In this issue, we address changes in areas like information sharing, the role of long term care in accountable care organizations, Medicare billing, and more. As the industry continues to change and evolve, Provider will be here to educate, connect, and support along the way.