Don’t Let Your Facility Become the Next Outbreak

​The CDC has recommended that assisted living facilities perform temperature screenings at their entrances. Traditional non-contact thermometers are wildly inaccurate and affected by warm sunny days, cool air-conditioned environments, or cold weather. As the Delta variant deepens its hold on assisted living facilities across the country, stop COVID from entering your facility with the world's only temperature scanner that provides super-accurate readings in hot or cold environments. 

 uses advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence software to ensure each and every scan is as accurate as an oral thermometer but with the speed and ease of a non-contact, automated device. FeverWarn is simply the most advanced, non-invasive, socially distanced, FDA compliant temperature scanning device in the market.​ 

  • FDA compliant
  • Accuracy to +/-0.9°F +/-0.5°C
  • Fast (1.5 seconds/scan)
  • Ports for card readers, doors, gates, and more
  • Helps to reduce legal exposure
  • Priced thousands less than thermal imaging cameras
  • NEW OPX technology allows for accurate scanning in hot or cold weather

Don't Let a False Reading Endanger ​Your Entire Community!

About Opteev
Opteev is advancing screening technology for people and places. Headquartered in Baltimore, its mission is to make the world a safer place by improving indoor air quality in the environments we live in. Its ViraWarn room scanners and FeverWarn temperature scanners help identify health risks and viral contaminations as part of a BioViral Prevention Plan to keep offices, classrooms, meeting spaces, or venues secure and safe. To learn more about FeverWarn and Opteev, visit us at or call us at 443-457-1370.