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​​​The dining room is the heart of every care community. Whether living independently or residing in a senior living community, older adults want to enjoy their daily mealtime routine with dignity. The challenge comes when moving oneself up-to and away-from the dining table becomes difficult. Then the task of being seated for mealtimes requires the assistance of a caregiver.

Such a task has traditionally required a lot of pushing, pulling, shoving, and twisting. This strenuous activity places significant strain on the chair, the floor, and most importantly, the caregiver themselves. The risk of injuring oneself during these times is high. Adding to this difficulty is the reality of often having to transfer a senior from a wheelchair into a dining chair, increasing the risk of injury to both senior and caregiver.

So, how does a caregiver move a seated person up-to and away-from the table with both ease and grace and without risk of personal injury? ComforTek believes that by design, chairs should swivel…turn…roll, and lock for safety. Our chairs:

  • prevent injuries to the caregiver
  • eliminate the need to push-pull-shove-twist when assisting the seated person up-to the table
  • reduce stress and anxiety for both the seated person and the caregiver
  • create a more enjoyable mealtime routine
We invite you to attend a FREE webinar to learn more about how ComforTek is revolutionizing the senior dining experience by reducing the physical demands required of the caregiver.
Title: Specialized Seating…for Seniors and Caregivers
Date: On-Demand anytime
Time: 35-minute presentation

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Company Brief
: Founded in 2000, ComforTek Seating manufactures specialized furniture crafted to provide an enjoyable mealtime routine for older adults both within senior living communities and in the home. Their “caregiver-focused" approach to chair design prevents injury to caregivers as they assist residents in getting seated at the dining table. ComforTek's patented “SWIVEL…TURN…ROLL…LOCK" technology increases mealtime safety, reduces furniture wear-and-tear, and promises dignity at the dining table.