Fostering Connection - Technology’s Impact on Senior Health

​Baby Boomers have changed senior care forever. The most technologically savvy group of seniors, today's senior care residents are likely to adopt technology to advance their lifestyles and improve their level of care. Senior care facilities need to adopt a connectivity platform to increase resident retention and satisfaction to support this generation's growing technology needs.  Accessibility, connectivity, and communication are all modern-day conveniences seniors expect today. ImpruviX by World Cinema provides enhanced internet connectivity for senior living facilities with thoughtful network design and timely implementation.

WCI is committed to providing a comprehensive, customizable solution for each property's unique needs. WCI Programming by dish business gives property management the power to customize their resident experience through tailored channel line-ups and programming packages. With remote monitoring, our staff can predict and fix any issues that may arise with a specific television's connection. Our platform empowers management by providing insight into which television sets are watching which channels and for how long. This allows management the ability to learn and adapt their programming solution to fit resident needs. In addition to television programming, WCI's customer service mindset applies to the ImpruviX Connectivity platform as well.


Through network-wide Wi-Fi, senior living communities can enhance the resident experience and simplify the internet process. Investing in a reliable connectivity solution ensures senior living residents are constantly connected to the outside world, specifically with their friends and family. Providing reliable internet reduces feelings of isolation by simplifying processes and empowering residents to use their devices for video conferencing, social media networking, and long-distance phone calls. Reliable connectivity is essential for resident satisfaction and aids properties in attracting new clients. WCI is committed to providing full range secure connections across the property with ultimate, consistent performance for each building on site. Our platform is scalable, growing with a property as their technology needs advance.

WCI provides around-the-clock care through our Customer Care Center, an around-the-clock customer service hub out of our Houston office. Our focus on customer support stems from our 46 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Throughout our history, WCI has been committed to providing superior levels of care, ensuring our customers have the best possible experience for the most affordable price. Contact us today to see how we can be your property's trusted technology advisor. ​