Meet CMS's Minimum Staffing Standards with Ease Using VitalLink


​Staff shortages, outdated systems, frequent readmissions, and scarce resources increase the challenges for Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care providers. This situation leaves less time for direct care, with over 60% of caregivers' time spent on indirect or administrative tasks. 

​​F​​​urther, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently emphasized its commitment to ensuring nursing homes provide safe, high-quality care to nearly 1.2 million residents in Medicare — and Medicaid certified facilities by issuing Minimum Staffing Standards for Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities, setting a nurse staffing standard of 3.48 hours per resident day (HPRD). 

​To tackle these challenges, providers are turning to innovative solutions like VitalLink — a connected vitals monitoring solution designed to lighten care teams' workload without compromising care quality. 

​What is VitalLink? ​​​

VitalLink is an All-In-One Vitals Monitoring Solution — its purpose-driven tech ensures data accuracy with Bluetooth, precise documentation, and seamless integration with your existing EHR system, saving caregivers 57% more time taking resident vitals. More than vitals, VitalLink also manages assessments, protocols, and progress notes and monitors pain, blood glucose, weight and more. ​

Top 5 Features That Set VitalLink Apart 

1. Quick and Accurate Measurements ​​​​

VitalLink utilizes Bluetooth device precision for quick and accurate data, streamlining the management of vital sign measurements with real-time alerts for improved clinical outcomes. 

​2. Personalized Pain Evaluation

With VitalLink, you can measure dis​comfort on a scale from 1 to 10, giving residents the power to express their pain clearly. You can also utilize the PAINAD scale, providing caregivers with the necessary resources to precisely assess and meet the needs of individuals who cannot voice their pain. 

​​3. Easily Monitor Weight Changes 

Effortlessly track resident weight changes and early health risk indicators with Bluetooth wheelchair scales. VitalLink automates variance analysis from the last record, eliminating manual calculations and increasing precision. 

4. Proactive Health Monitoring 

Stay proactive in managing health crises by implementing personalized health check protocols and receiving real-time alerts to prioritize your care team's daily to-do tasks. This will ensure your residents' safety and enhance your community's readiness. 

5. Streamline Care Assessments 

Streamline early and follow-up neurological evaluations for Head Injury Routine (HIR) assessments for your residents, enhancing the efficiency of the post-fall care protocol for caregivers. 

​​Maintaining a personal connection between caregivers and their charges is crucial in senior care. As AI and digital health technologies advance, there's a big chance to boost care quality and efficiency. The goal is to use these technologies to support, not replace, caregivers, ensuring care remains warm and human. Senior care leaders must find a balance where technology empowers caregivers for more personal​ized and compassionate care. 

​Solutions like VitalLink show how technology can enhance caregiving, strengthening the bonds between caregivers and residents. By blending high-tech with a high-touch approach, these innovations aim to improve outcomes for everyone in the care ecosystem. 

​​Take a 3-minute online product tour​ to discover ​how VitalLink can transform your senior care quality today.​