One important reason that people choose the Pines of Sarasota when they’re looking for long term care is its very low turnover rate, and when John Overton was made CEO, he made finding and keeping excellent staff his No. 1 priority. “Ten years ago we spent $750,000 a year for temp agency labor,” he says. “Since January of 2007, only our own staff members” are providing care for the Pines residents.

So, when people come in for short-term or outpatient rehabilitation, they get to know some of the staff who may be caring for them when they need long term care. “Fifty-five percent of our 370 full- and part-time employees have been here over five years, and 22 percent over 10 years,” he says. “The emphasis on longevity is important because continuity of care is important. Having the same people caring for [residents] throughout the various times they need our service is pretty crucial.”

He pauses, then says, “To me, it doesn’t matter what the payment mechanism is, success is really based upon [the same factors]. We all compete in a very strong competitive environment. Sarasota is even more competitive than other places I’ve been before. It has a very discriminating population as well, so making sure we’ve got creative and up-to-date activities for seniors is very, very important.”