High-Performance Work Systems And Learning Organization Practices: Sometimes referred to as “high-commitment” or “high-involvement” work systems, the terms are used to describe work environments in which jobs and work relationships are designed to maximize employees’ ability and commitment to developing and sharing their knowledge and skills with their organizations. Specific practices that have been adapted in nursing home environments include selective hiring, high-quality training and mentoring, teamwork, high levels of both accountability and supervisory support, and a voice in decisions relevant to employees’ responsibilities. For further discussion, see “The Competitive Imperative of Learning,” Amy C. Edmondson, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2008.

Learning Collaborative: Participants have the opportunity to learn from recognized experts and from each other. Teams from different health care organizations are brought together for a limited number of structured face-to-face meetings on specific topics. Over the course of the collaborative, teams may have the opportunity to work with other staff in their home organizations to apply quality improvement tools and approaches and share what they have learned with the larger group.