Gero Nurse Prep (GNP) is an online training course for RNs to become board-certified in gerontological nursing.

Gero Prep was born in a proposal by the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing. The proposal offered ways to improve the quality of nursing care by directly involving nursing home owners and administrators in advanced geriatric nursing education leading to gerontological certification. And in the process it proposed to cultivate nurse leaders as advocates, sentinels, and team leaders for their organizations.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded the proposal with a grant for a regional pilot project.

Training for Geriatric Nurse Certification yielded big dividends across the board, including higher-quality care; better services; lower staff turnover; and happier nurses, residents, and families.

Gero Prep was extended nationwide with the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living as its sponsor.